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the difference between the properties of charcoal and wood is the properties of wood is fuel and the properties of charcoal is the substitute left from wood

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Q: One difference between the properties of charcoal and wood?
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How is charcoal obtained from wood?

Partial burning of wood produces charcoal

Why charcoal is a better fuel than wood?

why is charcoal a better fuel then wood

What are the properties called when one substance changes to another?

there are two types of change. the first one is the physical change. the form or appearance of the substance is change but the chemical properties of the substance is not changed. example, water evaporates into the air, that is a physical change because from liquid, water changes into gas but it then comes back to water as rain. the other one is chemical change wherein the chemical properties of the substance is changed. example is burning of wood. wood is burned and turned into charcoal. the chemical properties of wood is different from the chemical properties of charcoal and charcoal is another substance.

What is the difference between reused wood and recycled wood?

there is no difference

What is one difference between wood and plastic?

The difference between wood and plastic is that the wood is opaque and the plastic is transparent.

What is the difference between a grove a wood and a forest?

what is te difference between a grove ,a wood and a forest

Which charcoal is use to decolorize raw sugar?

Wood charcoal

Do peanuts make charcoal?

No they do not. to make charcoal you burn wood

Why do steel and wood have different characteristics?

The major difference between steel and wood is that steel is in organic due to its lack of carbon, and wood is organic comprised of organic material. Because of this, their properties will differ wildly.

Does wood burn better than charcoal?

No wood does not burn better than charcoal. In charcoal there are no particles that do not burn hence it gives you a clean flame.

Where does charcoal come from?

Charcoal is produced from wood heating in a reducing atmosphere!

How do you make activated carbon from wood?

You get charcoal from wood, and then treat the charcoal with steam at 1000 degrees Celsius, and you get activated carbon.

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