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If one of your old friends snatched your best friend, simply accept and move on, and you will definitely find a better one.

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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: One of my old Friends stole my best friend from me What do I do?
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What to do if someone stole your best friend?

It is not uncommon during young to teen years that friends pass each other like ships in the night; one day they are the best of friends that may last months to years and before one knows it the friendship is over. Often fate steps in and there is a good reason even though you may not think so at the time. No one can steal your best friend unless your best friend approves of seeing more of their new friend and leaving you out of the circle. It is wise to continue on and make new friends and eventually you will find one or two truly good friends in your lifetime.

What do you do when someone tells one of your best friends friends that you talked about and your best friend gets mad at you?

say to ur friend who do you trust? me your best friend or her? you know i wouldn't talk about you.

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How do you steal a best friend?

If two people are best friends, it probably wouldn't be the best thing to try to steal them. If you had a best friend, think about how it would hurt you if they started being best friends with someone else. One can have more than one best friend.

How do you tell your best friend that you have another best friend?

By definition, you can have at most one best friend. The term best means better than any other. You can have lots of good friends, however. Stop calling your friends best friends, and call them good friends. Then they don't have to compete with each other to find out who is really the best friend.

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when talking to a good friend do you say "You are my best friend", or "You are my best friends". If you only have one than no you cant have two, but if you have two you need to have more...

What do you do when your best friend makes-out with your boyfriend?

Best friends don't do that to their friends. She is not your friend and I would tell her this. Find a better friend. I know it hurts, but sometimes you are left with no choice and this is one of them.

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Yes I do. I have my husband, who is my best friend, and I have one other true friend. That's the best thing about them. They say that if you can count your friends on one hand that you are blessed.

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No, you can choose to call one of the residents your best friend but the game doesn't actually have a "best friend" feature. You must try and make all of the residents your friends and the one you like the most you can call your best friend- otherwise, the game doesn't have "best friends"

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