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Q: One ordinary day with peanuts summary?
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How did you feel after reading the ending in one ordinary day with peanuts?

Makes me feel sad :(

Antagonist of an ordinary day with Peanuts?

John Philip Johnson

What horse did mrjohnson tell the cab driver to bet on in the story One Ordinary Day With Peanuts?

Never heard of it. This had to have been a homework question a long time ago. Hope you did read it and answered your own question.

What part of speech is the word ordinary?

Ordinary is an adjective (an ordinary day) and a noun (out of the ordinary).

Sentence with the word ordinary?

It was an ordinary day.

How come Holocaust Memorial Day only lasts one day?

Ordinary, everyday life has to go on ...

How little food can a ordinary human survive on in a day?

One day entirely w/o food is not a problem.

When was Just Another Ordinary Day created?

Just Another Ordinary Day was created in 2003.

When was An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place created?

An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place was created on 2001-05-15.

How many peanuts can a diabetic have?

30 gram 1 day

How do you write 'Nancy you have changed my day from ordinary to extroardinary and for that i thank you' correctly?

Nancy, i thank you for changing my day from ordinary to extraordinary.

What actors and actresses appeared in An Ordinary Day - 2010?

The cast of An Ordinary Day - 2010 includes: Grace Jacobsen as The Girl