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Explain the organisational structure of insurance companies in Nigeria

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: Organisation structure of an insurance company of great Nigeria insurance plc?
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any person says me what is relience life insurance planning,organisation staffing coordination etc . . .

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What is personnel structure?

Personnel structure within an organisation is how it's employee base is organised/structured. The complexity of an organisation's structure will depend on the services the company offers and number of employees. Most businesses will attempt to structure there company in the most cost-effective manner

List of recoganised insurance companies in Nigeria?

union assurance company limited

What if a doctor lies to help insurance company?

Get in touch with the National Medical organisation/board. In Ireland we have the IMO, Irish medical organisation

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Organisational structure of any Indian company?

Organisation sturcture of Indian company based on functional and production system

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It is an overview of the insurance company, structure, financials, profile: business details such as company name, address, age, business structure, officers, and industry.

Im the benefactor for a loan of 5000.00 royal icon insurance is supose to give you the 5000.00 need to know if this company legit.the company is nigeria how do I find it?

The Royal Icon Insurance Company of Nigeria is an Insurance Company in Nigeria operating on a small scale.I am not exactly sure of what happened to their parent page but i believe it has been re-directed to receive datas at a junction box.Email : I am not very sure of this but i know is something close. I am Micheal Felix,i work with the South Hamphton Personnel in the United Kingdom.I have contacts in Nigeria where i re-finance.

How does your role fit into your organisation's structure?

it is basically asking you what you do at the company you are working for and what you do helps that company so for me i am an admin and i answer the phones and deal with enquries and send emails this fits in to there structure as i take the calls from people that are intrested in properties and then send them the information on that property

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