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God has no origin, and is known in Christian Theology as 'pre-eternal' which means He has no beginning and no end. God has always existed and there was never a time when God did not exist. Otherwise, there would have to be a 'creator' of God, which means someone or something higher than God, and because no one like that exists or has ever existed, God is the only Creator of everything and has no origin.

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Q: Origin of god
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Nac was the God from no where and there fore the God with no origin. Nac was also God of metals.

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Its origin comes from: "God be with you"

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Origin: Hebrew Meaning: My God is a vow Origin: Greek Meaning: My God is a vow Origin: French Meaning: My God is a vow

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god is a spirit. there is no time for him.

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Both religions have the same origin. The same God, the one and only one God, is the origin of both religions.

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God created the earth.

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god created it

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god of water

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born of chaos

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Gender: Male Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Gift Of God

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The origin is Old English, from the Germanic (gott) or Dutch (god).

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