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Q: Osha twistlock 220 cord whatr color is the line voltage?
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Waste skips color coding in OSHA?

OSHA does not specify color coding for waste containers.

What color does OSHA require natural gas lines to be?

OSHA has not established color code requirements for natural gas lines.

Does OSHA have a brown paint specification?

OSHA is concerned with employee safety, not with the color of paint being applied. So, no, OSHA does not have a brown paint specification.

Which OSHA standards have color specifications on additional sign requirements?

NO. OSHA 29 CFRs 1910.134, and 1910.135hazard

What is the OSHA color code for air line?


What is OSHA respirator color code for hydrochloric acid?

red ,yellow

What are some resources outside the workplace that will help you find information on safety and health issues answer?

The website for OSHA. Look up

What is the OSHA requirement concerning the OSHA poster?

an osha inspection begins when the osha compliance officer

What are the seasonal extension cord colors for OSHA?

OSHA has not established a seasonal or other color coding system for extension cords. A common color coding for electrical inspections uses the "seasonal color" scheme for quarterly inspections: white for winter (January, February and March); green for spring (April, May and June); red for summer (July, August and September); orange for autumn (October, November and December).

Do you have to wear white shoes and white scrub pants in the dental field per OSHA regulations?

No. You can wear any color scrubs (shirts and pants), and any color shoes.

What are OSHA contracts?

OSHA contracts are contracts in which OSHA is one of the parties to the contract.

What is osha policy?

OSHA policy is that every employee is trained in the procedure of the OSHA handbook. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

How did osha come about?

where did osha come from?

Does OSHA have jurisdiction over the Army?

OSHA does not have original jurisdiction over the Army, but agreements between the Army and OSHA permit OSHA to provide some support to Army efforts.

Where can I find classes for OSHA training online?

There are many websites you can get an OSHA training. Some of them are the OSHA Online Safety Training Courses ( Train OSHA ( and

Where can I get OSHA employment posters?

OSHA employment posters are available free of charge from the OSHA Office of Publications. All OSHA covered employers are required to display these posters in the workplace.

Is a tb test osha recordable?

No test is OSHA recordable, but the results may tell you that there is an OSHA recordable illness.

What is the purpose of the OSHA?

The purpose of OSHA is to prevent injury maintenance and servicing employees. OSHA stands for Occupational safety and Health Administration.

Can OSHA fine employers?

Yes, OSHA can issue fines and citations to employers who do not comply wiht OSHA standards and regulations.

What is OSHA's Definition of an Industrial Area?

OSHA does not try to define an "industrial area." OSHA is concerned with employees working for employers.

Where can you find a list of all OSHA standards and requirements?

All OSHA standards and requirement can be seen at the OSHA web site.

What is OSHA's definition of industrial area?

OSHA does not try to define an "industrial area." OSHA is concerned with employees working for employers.

Why would a company receive an OSHA Citation?

A company would receive an OSHA citation if an OSHA inspector determined that the company was not in compliance with one or more OSHA regulations, and that determination was confirmed by the relevant OSHA Area Office and survived any appeals that were filed by the company.

Is a bee sting an OSHA recordable?

No, a bee sting is not OSHA recordable. Two things that are recordable to OSHA is lacerations and eye injuries.

Where can I find what training is required for OShA?

You can find out what the required training is for OSHA on their website at There you can find out what you need to do in order to be OSHA compliant.