Other than Point of Origin has John Leguizamo appeared in other true story movies?

Try going to imdb.com (Internet Movie Database) and type in the actors name. The site will list movies and TV appearances.

Hi movieman

John Leguizamo is basically a character actor, and his forte' is on stage. Here are a list of movies he was in.

  • NOTE: The character roles he plays in these movies are just that, and there is no indication the role he plays is them are true.

1986 debute on "Miami Vice" Casualties of War (small role) Die Hard 2 Regarding Henry Hangin' With The Homeboys Joe King Summer of Sam Spawn The Fan Pest Carlito's Way (*John played "Benny Blanco from the Bronx") Super Mario Bros.

TV ... "In Living Color"

On Stage: "Spic-o-rama" (sold out in New York)

Wm. Shakespear's Romeo & Juliet

Dr. Doolittle (John was the voice of the rat.)

Broadway Debut in 1998 ... "with Freak .. "demi-semi-quasi-pseudo-autobiographical"

John Leguizamo actually appeared in a movie called The Ministers which was inspired by true events. The movie is about a female detective who is looking for the person or persons responsible for killing her cop father. Her investigation keeps centering around a set of vigilante twins.