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Q: Our ideas should have been heard before the vote. Which is an accurate description of the underlined words?
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Do songs need to be underlined?

No, songs should be in quotes. Albums should be underlined.

Should a colon be underlined?

No, colons should not be underlined. When using a colon, it should be formatted as regular text within a sentence.

If a title of novel is handwritten it should be underlined?

No, if a title of a novel is handwritten, it should be italicized instead of underlined. Underlining is used in handwritten work to show that the text should be italicized in printed work.

Should movie titles be underlined?

No they should not.

Do television series need to be underlined when writtne about?

Television shows should be written in quotes, not underlined.

Should the titles of papers that you write be underlined?


Is it true that Job analysis is usually more accurate and objective if the job analyst can prepare the job description without consulting supervisors or jobholders?

No, because you have to observe the employee and gather information about the job, which include the task and skills needed for the job. I feel this should be done before writing the job description.

Should a short story be underlined in an essay?

yes it is still a type of book and when writing an essay all books are underlined

Is The Odyssey underlined or in quotes?

The Odyssey and Iliad are both epic poems. While short poems are quoted in writing, epic poems are underlined do to their length.

Is a story title quoted or underlined or italizised?

A story is underlined or in italics. A short story is in quotes.

Should a multi-act play be underlined?

leonardo dicaprio

Circle the adjective and underlined the noun After running the students ate cold sandwiches?

After running the students are (cold) sandwiches. Sandwiches should be underlined.