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Q: Our store's plexiglass signage was installed over a graphicote glass using chloroform. How can we take it out without damaging the glass?
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What stresses exist in steam pipes?

expansion of the pipes due to high temp. if not installed correctly the results will be damaging and in some cases fatal

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Pressing a watercolor:To remove wrinkles without damaging a painting, you will need a sponge, water, a large piece of absorbent cardboard, a large piece of plexiglass (available at a glass repair shop) and some weights.Turn the watercolor paper over on a clean and dry surface. Use a clean, damp sponge to wet the back side of the paper until it is moist, stopping 1/2 inch from each side. turn the painting right side up and place onto cardboard. Cover with plexiglass and press with weights (I use heavy books). Leave for several days or up to a week.The moisture will slowly transfer to the cardboard, and the painting will be flat and ready to frame.

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