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Out of the 12 disciples in the Bible who was the most loyal to God?

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peter was the one who reconized jesus after he died and came back to life so it was peter. Judas was pre-determined to betray Jesus. He was called by God to perform this act that was prophesied. If he refused God's calling he would have been disloyal to God. If Abraham was not stopped by the angel would he have still killed his son? If God did not want Judas to heed his calling would he have not dispatched an Angel to stop Judas? Judas did not hear the cock crow 3 times as he denied his affiliation with Jesus. Judas did not run away from Jesus as Pilot's men descended upon Jesus. Judas brought Pilot's men to Jesus. Once again, Judas was instrumental to fulfilling God's plan. Good instance of Pre-determination verses Free Will.

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Who was the loyal person?

According to the Bible, it was Jesus Christ that was the only completely loyal human to God.

What was Abraham noted for in the Bible?

A very loyal servent of God.

What was the chapter in the bible where god talked to the 12 desciples?

In the Bible, God talks to the 12 disciples in 4 books. Those books are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Who was the most loyal Roman or Greek god?

Hermes. Since he was the most loyal, he was chosen to become the messenger of the Gods.

Why did god pick the disciples?

No God did not pick up the disciples , it was Jesus who chose the disciples.

Where are the real God words in the Gospel?

All of the words in the Bible or the Gospel were spoken by the disciples. But they were invisoned with God's words.

How will a christian use the bible to follow jesus' teachings?

in the bible God speaks to his disciples, he gives commandments, if we obey his commandment we shall follow Christ

Did God speak to the disciples?

I think so, because God and Jesus are the same. Jesus said somewhere in the bible that if you have seen me then you have seen the father, so I think so.

What are some reasons why catholics would believe that Jesus is God?

The Bible states: Jesus proclaimed he was the son of God. The disciples proclaimed this. Experience of individuals through history proclaim to Him to be the Son of God.

Is the bible made up?

No. The old testament is the history of the Jews. The new testament is the record of Jesus Christ and his disciples. The people mentioned in the bible were real people from history. Secular history confirms this. As far as the miracles in the bible most can not be proven today, but taken upon faith that the bible is also the word of God in truth.

Why did the disciples finally decided to write the gospel?

not only did the disiciples write the bible, and whoever all did write it.... it is because God told them to.

Most common name in bible?


Who wrote the most pages of the bible?


How was the bible written and done?

If you ask a Christian, they will say the Bible was written by many people over the years, including Moses, David, and Jesus' disciples, and that through them God communicated His word.

What is the most important name in the entire Bible?

the most important name in the entire bible is bible Genesis chp. 1 GOD The Father (God), The son (Jesus) and The Holy Ghost as the trinity.

Why do people ask questions about god on this website instead of the bible?

Because the bible features god and the bible is also part of Christianity and God our ruler and most people on earth are Christians that is why they ask questions about God.

What words will you use to describe God?

God has many beautiful and appealing qualities. For example, the Bible says " God is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger and abundant in loyal love and truth." (Exodus 34:6) He is "good and ready to forgive." (Psalm 86:5) God is patient. (2 Peter 3:9) He is loyal. (Revelation 15:4)

Who teaches Christianity?

There are many teachers of Christianity. There are pastors, disciples, and prophets. Pastors are often men due to a passage in the Bible stating that man should teach the word of God. Disciples are followers of Christ that spread and teach the word in the Bible anywhere. And prophets are past living people who have communicated with God and He has told them to tell a specific group pf people or person something.

What was the disciples view on Jesus?

The disciples viewed Jesus as the Messiah; the son of God.

What is mention the most in the Bible?

The central message of the Bible is the Coming Kingdom of God and the salvation of mankind.

Really Bible is word of god?

Yes the bible is the word of God spoken through His son Jesus Christ and later through His prophets and disciples. Though much has been left out of the bible through lost scripture and writers who took it upon themselves to leave out many important parts. The bible still contains sufficient instruction for a man to be saved.

Why did god write the Bible?

God Almighty didn't write the Bible.

What is the most common noun in the Bible?


How does God calls prohets today?

Most Christians believe the age of prophets ended with Jesus and his disciples.

How is the Bible set out or divided up?

The Bible is a collection of documents assembled over a thousand years. The Old Testament is Jewish scripture and the New Testament is from the times of Jesus and his Apostles and Disciples. Both Old and New were inspired by God. Unlike the scripture of the Baha'i Faith, no part of the Bible was written by the Manifestation or Messenger of God.

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