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The Democratic Party broke apart in 1860 over the issue of slavery.

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Q: Over what issue did the Democratic Party break apart in 1860?
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Which issue played a major role in the Democratic Party split?

Which issue below played a major role in the Democratic Party split

How did the political developments of the period work to fragment the democratic party and benefit the republicans?

abolishment of slavery and the issue of womens rights fragmented the democratic party

Which is most likely a single issue party?

A. Communist Party B. Progressive Party C. Prohibition Party<----------- D. Democratic Party

How did the slavery issue affect the Democratic Party in the 1860 presidental election?

The slavery issue caused the northern and southern democratics to split up and have two different democratic parties.

What was the major issue concerning the Democratic Party starting with President Kennedy in the 1960s?

civil rights

What was the major issue concerning the democratic party starting with president Kennedy in the 1960?

civil rights

When was the democratic and the Republican parties started?

After Andrew Jackson's election in 1828, his party became known as the Democratic party.

How did the Shiite and Sunni Muslims break apart from each other?

the issue that divied them was they developed differences

What was the issue that fragmented the Democratic Party in mid 1800's?

The major issue in the era of the democrats between 1800-1860 was slavery and high tariffs.

what is the democratic party ?

A political party that originated in the late 1700s and is still active today. Its membership and beliefs have changed many times. Throughout the 20th century, the Democratic Party shifted to support more liberal policies.

What issues divided the Democratic Party?

Slavery was the main reason for the dividing party. Every issue in America divides the Democratic party because they are very twisted in their beliefs and wrong in there facts and every one of them has there own opinion so they are constantly arguing amongst themselves.

What was the position of the Democratic Party of 1840 regarding the issue of race?

Blacks were unfit to be citizens; only white men should get the privledge.