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Ovulating on day nineteen of a twenty eight day cycle How soon could you take a pregnancy test?


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Not until you miss your period.


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no course not. Every women gets it everyday. If you get loads the sign could be pregnancy, ovulating and etc.

You could be ovulating or this could be pregnancy related. Ovulation discharge is usually a egg-white vaginal discharge. Purchase a ovulation predictor kit to see if you're currently ovulating at the moment.

Yes, although you could just be ovulating because many women spot when they are ovulating. If you miss your next period, take a test

Yes because you don't know when you're ovulating. But you may also not be ovulating, so it could go either way.

That means you could be ovulating or could be ovulating soon.

its means the vagina is cleaning itself but sometimes it can be a sign of early pregnancy or when your ovulating. It can be confusing sometimes which one it could be.

Yes you could be pregnant. Increased cervical mucus is a pregnancy sign its also a sign of a thrush infection or ovualtion.

No that isn't a sign of pregnancy. Your nipples are most likely hard because your body is preparing for its period, or the friction from your clothes.

Yes!Every pregnancy is different.While one pregnancy may come with little to no symptoms another pregnancy could come with every symptom in the book.Labor is also usually different each pregnancy.

You need to confirm the positive pregnancy test result with your Doctor. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Pregnancy does cause a increase in vaginal discharge.

The symptoms cannot be caused by pregnancy if you were only ovulating a couple of days ago. There is some other cause that you might like to get checked with your doctor..

Could be your ovulating? I get it when I'm ovulating I know the signs because we are trying for a baby

No there is no way to test using your fingers you can how ever tell if you are ovulating or not by using your fingers by checking the cervical mucus and the position of the cervix if it is low and firm like the tip of your nose then you are not ovulating if it is high and closed then you could be ovulating if it is high and closed it can mean you are pregnant but it is still better to take a test to be sure it could be closed because the cervix is getting ready to lower and start your period.

Yes, if you are ovulating at the time even the smallest amount of sperm could potentially cause a pregnancy

It's not a matter of time, but what happened during that time. If the male ejaculated, even in 3-5 minutes, and the female was ovulating, the chances of pregnancy exist.

You do not ovulate after pregnancy. When a sperm fertilizes an egg, the body naturally stops ovulating and begins the process for creating the pathway for the baby to be born. If women could ovulate during pregnancy, that would mean pregnant women still participating in sex, which some do, could get pregnant, and have a full grown and half grown fetus at the same time. Imagine how complicated birth would be!

Yes, you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period. It all depends on when you ovulate. If you were ovulating then, there's a good chance that you could be pregnant.

Not necessarily. It could mean that you are ovulating. When you are ovulating your vaginal temperature will be higher than normal.

She could be. But she could just be ovulating or near her period

It could just mean that you are ovulating. However you can take a pregnancy test as soon as July 14th. Good Luck

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