White Rhinoceroses

Ow do white rhinoceroses get there food?

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Where do white rhinoceroses come from?


How long do white rhinoceroses live?

White rhinos can live up to 50 years.

How often and how does a black rhino hunt for food?

It doesn't. Rhinoceroses are herbivores.

What is a collective noun for a group of rhinoceroses?

The standard collective nouns for rhinoceroses are:a crash of rhinocerosesa stubbornness of rhinoceroses

Are Rhinoceroses mammals?

Yes, rhinoceroses are mammals.

What is group of rhinoceroses?

Rhinoceroses come in a Crash or a Stubbornness.

Do rhinoceroses live in groups or alone?

Most rhinoceroses live in a group, but u can find plenty of rhinoceroses alone.

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Are rhinoceroses dinosaurs?


Why do poachers kill rhinoceroses?

Poachers kill rhinoceroses for their horns, which can be sold as 'remedies' that can 'heal' illnesses.

What is the symbolic meaning of a white owl?

What is the symbolic meaning of a white owRead more:What_is_the_symbolic_meaning_of_a_white_owl

Why are white rhinocerso endangered?

White rhinoceroses are endangered for two reasons. Predominantly, they are threatened by poaching (illegal hunting) for their ivory. Habitat loss is also a concern for the white rhinoceros, as it is for most wild African animals.

How do Rhinoceroses move?


Is a rhinoceroses a reptile?


Is a rhinoceroses a dinosaur?

No, they are mammals.

Are rhinoceroses dangerous?


Can Rhinoceroses jump?

Rhinoceroses are extremely heavy and powerful animals. They CAN jump over lower things such as logs, but that's about it.

Do black rhinoceroses lay eggs or do they give birth to young ones?

Rhinoceroses give birth to live young.

What are the rhinoceroses main senses to finding its food?

Sight and smell. smell. (very keen sense of smell, very poor eyesight)

How do rhinoceroses find other rhinoceroses?

they smell each other with there well developed sense of smell and there hearing is really developed

Is rhinoceroses a noun?

Yes, rhinoceroses is a plural, common, concrete noun. The singular form is rhinoceros, a word for an animal, a thing.

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How does food energy travel from one organism to another?

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What is a group of rhinoceri called?

The noun 'rhinoceri' is a slang term for 'rhinoceros' used for humor as a play on the many confusing forms of plural nouns in English.The standard collective nouns for rhinoceroses are:a crash of rhinocerosesa stubbornness of rhinoceroses

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