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Parts for a 12 gauge Parker Bros?


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Any good gunsmith can find or make parts for your shotgun. It might take several weeks to a year or more. Parker Brothers are a top of the line shotgun, and a shotgun in working shape is worth more than a broken one. Do some checking around at a local gun show, or surf the web for parts.


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al number indicates that your Parker shotgun was made between 1866-1868.This covers the serial number range of 0-6,800.

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The Parker 12 gauge with serial number 98662 was made in 1900. lcj

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A common Parker Bros. hammerless double, D grade, good to very good condition, 12 ga. with ejectors, with a modicom of case colors remaining, is worth in excess of 500 dollars US.

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I would start my search at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

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