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The prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).


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Abraham, father of the Jewish nation, is the great patriarch of Israel.

Abraham is regarded as the patriarch by both peoples.

No, a female leader would have been called a matriarch. She would have had the same duties as a patriarch, but she wouldn't have been called one.

The Jewish people trace their ancestry back to the patriarch - who was also named Israel - who had twelve sons. They were the 'founders' of the twelve tribes of Israel. The country takes its name from there.

The patriarchs of God's people as followed: 1. Adam who was the father of all people. 2. Enosh was the patriarch who directed people back to acknowledging God. 3. Noah was the patriarch of all the people after the flood. 4. Abraham who became the patriarch of many nations. 5. Isaac and Israel are the patriarch's of the Israelites ( consists of two groups of people: tne Nation of Israel and the Nation of Judah)

Abraham is called a patriarch because he was one of the three forefathers of the Israelite Nation.The definition of patriarch is: "One of the scriptural fathers of the human race or of the Hebrew people"

It is Abraham father of the Jewish, Islam and christians.

The patriarch is assigned and selected by people but the prophet is assigned, selected, and nominated by God (the Creator) to guide people to the right path of God,

The patriarch of the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Baha'i Faith is/was Abraham.

A Byzantine Patriarch is an alternative name for the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

No Aaron was not a patriarch.

Abraham, the patriarch of the Jewish faith. God made a Covenant with Abraham.

The patriarch are the ancestor of the Israelites. This is from the Bible.

A patriarch is male and a matriarch is female. Abraham was a patriarch and Sarah was a matriarch.

A patriarch is "the male head, ruler, or progenitor of a family, tribe, or people." Jacob is a patriarch whose twelve sons' descendants became the twelve tribes of Israel. Also, according to an old song, "Father Abraham had many sons," and is thus a patriarch as well.

I believe that Ishmael is the patriarch of the Muslim people.

The spiritual leader is the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Anyone other than Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Talmud, Berakhot 16b).See also:The Patriarchs of Judaism

We held a 50th birthday party for the patriarch of our family.In the past there were patriarch leaders in tribes.The patriarch ruled his country as if it were his family.Uncle George, the patriarch of the family, gave the toast at the wedding.The patriarch in Joe's family is father John III.The patriarch of the family liked to hold family reunions.

Joshua is an Old Testment patriarch, the brother of Moses. Old Testement personages are usually not referred to as saints. However, Joshua was probably born in Egypt during the captivity of the Jewish people

There is the patriarch and then there's the ecumenical patriarch. There are many partiarchs for each nationality of Orthodoxy and the ecumenical patriarch is the head of all Orthodox. He is not, though, like the Pope. The ecumenical patriarch is the "first among equals" and is by no means infallible.

The patriarch is the head of the Orthodox church. It is currently Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople.

The pope is higher on the food chain than a patriarch. A patriarch is the equivalent of an archbishop.

In genealogy the patriarch is the another name for the father.

The female counterpart of patriarch is 'matriarch'.

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