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Pauls tattered clothes are a symbol of his?

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Economic Circumstances

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Pauls tattered clothes are a symbol of?

The story called Paul's Case dresses Paul in tattered clothing. His tattered clothes are a symbol of poor economic circumstances.

Paul's tattered clothes are a symbol of his?

economic circumstances

Paul's tattered clothes are a symbol of?

d. economic circumstances

Paul tattered clothes are a symbol of his?

Paul's tattered clothes in the story Paul's Case is a symbol of him being sick. As well as being tired of his mundane life which he often fantasies about escaping.

In Willa Cather's short story Paul's Case what are Paul's tattered clothes a symbol of?

Paul's tattered clothes can be a symbol of him being sick and tired of his mundane life. Paul constantly fantasized living a lavish life like the lives of those he saw at Carnegie Hall, and he is sick and tired of not being able to have what they have.His economic circumstances

Threadbare in a sentence?

his clothes were torn, tattered and threadbare.

What do orphans wear?

orphans usually wear old tattered clothes

Paul's tattered clothes are symbols of his?

vehement disregard for the staus quo.

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The word tattered is an adjective. Tattered is also a past tense verb.

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It is mentioned anumber of times that the boys hair has grown and that their clothes have become dirtier and more tattered.

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