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Paying medical insurance through payroll deduction how long is it paid up to after you quit you job?

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2008-10-29 16:39:29

Usually your insurance ends on you last day of work. Best bet

would be to call the insurance company and find out exactly when it

expires. You will have the option to have Cobra insurance, that you

pay for on your own. It's expensive, so I would probably be better

to go with another carrier. If you can, get all of your medical

appointments over with before your last day. Make sure they don't

carry over because it's a mess when there are two insurances

involved. I am afraid I disagree on two points above. First, if you

have paid for coverage by having those premiums deducted and the

insurance company has accepted them then they either have to extend

coverage for the period you have paid for or return any unused

premium to you final work day. Second, I can not argue strongly

against the idea that you �get all of your medical appointments

over with before your last day�. I see this very frequently both as

a job is ending and/or when Cobra is coming to an end. While I

understand the temptation, this strategy has a HUGE downside. If

they find something that requires treatment that you previously did

not know about that diagnosis may have just made you temporarily or

permanently ineligible for some other coverages. If you are healthy

get the alternate individual coverage in place first since that

needs to be medically underwritten in most states. If after that is

done you get the same diagnosis, since you did not know previously

that it existed, you can not be denied or cancelled as a result.

ANSWER True, you do get what is paid for, however in some cases,

your employer pays the entire months premium at th begining of the

month and if this is the case you will be covered through the

entirety of the month in which you are terminated. It is best to

ask your employer to be sure of the length of coverage after


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