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It could be any number of things, some of them serious. You MUST get to your doctor ASAP, and it makes good sense to stop sexual activity with partners until you get this taken care of.

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You have yellow thick pus from penis and itching in penis and burning or pain during urination is this gonorrhea?

It could be a lot of STI's. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichinomiosis. get checked out.

What are signs of bladder problem?

The major signs of a bladder problem are very frequent urination or no urination at all. The bladder problem could also be from dehydration and should be checked out by a doctor.

What could be causing lower pain during urination?

A Yeast infection, if your female

What std causes clear discharge from your penis?

It could be Trichomoniasis; men may have a thin white discharge and painful urination. In addition, it could be chlamydia or gonorrhea.

What could be causing the constant urge to urinate and the pain during urination even though the urine is clear and you go each time you have the urge?

just because urine is clear, doesn't mean ther is no problem, it could be a bladder infection,(my guess) or kindney problem, or a ureathra problem. go see a doctor

Why would blood be in sperm?

Means you need to see see a doctor. Could be a problem along the urinary tract (bladder infection, STD, growth, etc) and the amount of blood is small enough that you don't notice it during urination. Or it could be a problem in the testicles. Either way go see a doctor!

Can holding your urine damage your penis?

No, it cannot. If you have a chronical problem, making it hard to urinate, it could damage your kidneys. But your penis should be safe.

Is painful urination during pregnancy a sign of a serious problem?

It sounds like a bladder infection, which could become a serious problem if not taken care of. Go see your doctor. If it's a bladder infection, it can easily be taken care of with antibiotics. If it is something else, they will find it.

Is there any problem in my penis that my penis is not arousing at the time of sex?

Could be in the penis, could be in your head. The penis is there to send stimulation to the brain. If we are not in the mood or we are worried about something, it is hard to get hard. Could be a physical issue, high blood pressure, diabetes. Go to a doctor and find out. Not getting erect could be a sign of something more serious.

What is white stuff in urine?

It could be a sign that you have a Urinary tract infection, especially if there is burning during urination. Usually it is mucous.

5 inch penis non erect and a girth of only 1 inch could this be a problem?

The penis is flacid, upon erection it will be longer and larger in. circumfrance

Why does a man's penis feel a burning sensation during sex?

Well it could be that not enough lubrication is present which could cause small cuts or abrasions to the penis. Another thing that could be is a sexually transmitted disease.

My penis size is just under 4 inches is this normal for a 13 year old?

No you should really get that checked! You could have a hormonal problem, that is not enabling you penis to grow.

What do you do when you go to the toilet and it hurts?

You forgot to mention if it hurts during urination or defecation. (peeing and pooping) If it's during urination, suspect an infection and go see your doctor if it keeps up more than a couple of days. If it's during defecation, it could be varicose veins around your anus, which are called 'hemmorhoids

Consequence of delay urination?

If you choose to delay urination, this could cause a urinary tract infection. From there, it could cause a kidney infection if you aren't careful.

How should i get rid of Extra urination problem please tell you the reason for that and which type of speacialist doctor should you concern physician or orthopedic?

Excess urination 'could' be a sign of diabetes; it's best to get it checked by a physician before trying to self-treat.

Could you die if you have a penis that is 14 inches at 11 years old?

We all have to go sometime But I doubt if the length of your penis would have any bearing on it. !4 inches could prove to be a bit of a problem but it wont kill you.

How would an exceptionally long penis affect a male?

You could probably perform auto-fellatio on yourself with no problem.

How can you stop the swelling of a penis during circumcision?

I did not know you could. whenever an injury occurs to a part of the body especially during the amputation of pieces of it there is likely to be inflammation leading to swelling. the best thing to do is not mutilate the penis.

What could cause spontaneous urination?

Bladder infection

How do you stop burning pain at the tip of the penis during urination Started right after and has continued for weeks since unprotected sex What causes this-Neither of us have STDs?

If you are sure you do not have an STD, you could have a bacterial urinary infection or you may have a yeast problem. If yeast is the problem and you are still having unprotected sex, you are exchanging the yeast back and forth. Men can be carriers of yeast with or without symptoms (asymptomatic). Do not have any more unprotected sex, because STD's is the minimal ailment you can receive without protection. Please protect yourself!

By which exercise penis can be enlarged?

A penis cannot be enlarged by any exercise. You got what you were given, pal! Keep in mind, there is no reason to enlarge a penis, unless one suffers from micropenis. A doctor could tell you if there are any surgeries to fix this problem.

What is the length of a horse penis?

Depending on the breed of horse, the penis could be between 12" to about 24". That would be during a time of a full erection, obviously. Some stallions may even have a penis about 36 inches long.

What can cause blood blisters on your penis?

It's possible that you could be, though the concept of it is somewhat impossible, that you could be somewhat "over-masturbating" or being too aggressive with the penis during intercourse or masturbation. But if you feel it may be an STD, go and consult a doctor about it. Yet if it's one of the above, then try not to be too aggressive with the penis during intercourse or simply leave the penis alone. It should just about clear up in a couple of weeks.

What could be the problem if the skin around the tip of you penis is red and itchy?

it shouldent be but if it is you might have a rash or infection.....i would get it seen by a doctor if i were you......

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