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People who lived in America before the europeans arrived?


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The first people that lived in the Western Hemisphere are called Native Americans. Their racial background is characterized by most anthropologists is Mongolian.


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The Native Americas live in America before the Europeans arrived.

The Native Americans that lived in America before Europeans arrived numbered in the millions. There were at least 300 different tribes.

Life in America before Europeans arrived was described as pretty primitive. These natives relied only on nature and how they could use it.

The people of the "First Nations" are those who are descended from the Native Americans - those who lived in America before the Europeans arrived.

Native Americans have lived in the Americas for thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

Some people refer to the time before Europeans arrived in the Americas as Pre-Colonial days. The Europeans went through a period of Renaissance before the Colonists first came to the Americas.

Indigenous Australians is the official term used to describe the people who lived in Australia before the Europeans arrived. The more common term used is Aborigines.

Yes, africans had already found religion before the europeans arrived.

From the carib people who lived there before Europeans and Africans arrived

Kw<3 There were many different tribes, languages, and religions.(apex)

Until the Europeans arrived, there were no colonies, only indigenous natives.

There were many different tribes, languages, and religions.

Amerindians can be defined as any member of the people living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived. In other words it means Native Americans.

Originally it was the native American Indians. You know....big feathered hats, tipees...

The Native Americans arrived thousands of years before the first Europeans and had very evolved societies.

before Europeans settlers arrived

Slavery remained the same after the Europeans arrived in Africa. Slavery has been endemic throughout history.

Native Americans are any people group who lived in North America before the Europeans came here. Eskimos lived in northern regions. Of course, many think they arrived here by crossing from Russia but that was thousands of years before Columbus arrived.

It depends. Native Americans walked on North America, a long time before the Vikings were supposed to have landed, or a very long time before Europeans arrived.

Technically no one "arrived" first in America because the Native Americans were in America before people knew there was one. The questions asking who arrived first is asking just that. If I am throwing a party and I ask who arrived first the answer would not be me if I am already there.

If you are asking about North America there is evidence that Vikings arrived 500 years before Columbus and had colonies. Columbus was in 1492 in the Bahamas and never landed in North America.

Slavery existed in African trade long before europeans arrived

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