Peru is known for?

Inca's Empire Machu Picchu sacred Citadel in Cusco Lima, the center of the Viceroyalty from Spain Peruvian food, fusion of foreign and own flavors: peruvian-chinesse (chifa), peruvian-creole (african influence), andean, pre-inca food, peruvian-spanish, with somehow "moro" influence, and others such as italian. Food with origin in Peru: potato (andes), purple corn (Cusco), also peruvian corn (cancha, mote), olluco, huacatay, pisco (Ica), mango (Piura), peruvian lemmon (Piura), cuy, lucuma, chirimoya, and many others. Shared with central and south america: chocolate, pop corn, vainilla, tuna, zapallo, among many others.