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This actually goes back to medieval and Pagan rituals of marriage or traditions in some cultures where the brind and groom have a cord tied around their wrists during the ceremony to show that they are bound together for life from that point forward.
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How do you tie a fishing knot?

The one I tie most often is the Improved Clinch Knot. Easy to tie, and if tied right, the more the fish pulls the tighter the knot gets. Some people prefer the Palomar knot. It is one of the best knots you can use for mono 100% knot strength. I have used this knot for years and never had it slip ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a Windsor knot in your neck tie?

Start with the wide end ("W") of your necktie on the right, extending about 12 inches below the narrow end ("N") on the left. . Then cross the wide end over the narrow end. . Bring the wide end around and behind the narrow end. . Then bring the wide end up. . Pull the wide end through the loop a ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a knot?

There are hundreds of knots, however if you can tie a shoelace, you can tie a knot There are many types of knots and for many different purposes. The simpest knot is a half hitch, such as is shown used in Western movies to hitch their horse to a rail quickly. This simplest of knots, and buillding bl ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a 'Gordian knot'?

The Gordian knot of history was a complicated "Turk's Head Knot", tied with hundreds of strands of bark from the Cornel Tree. Over time, it shrank and hardened. See the links below for more information:

How do you tie a Hanover knot?

The Hanover Knot is tying from an inside out staring position and forms a relatively large tie knot. Step by step instructions are provided in the link below -

How do you tie knots?

Start with a few basic sailor knots (below) then move on to some that are more elaborate.

Should you tie a tight knot when you tie a horse?

NEVER tie a tight knot when tying a horse. Horses get tangled in their lead ropes often when tied. Many, (if not most) horses will panic.. When horses panic, they quickly and easily do great harm to themselves.. If the rope is too long, horses will get it caught around their legs or fetlocks and ( Full Answer )

If you tie your horse to a post how should you tie the knot?

Horses are not typically tied to a post by their reins - It is not unusual to tie a horse to a hitching ring or rail with a half hitch. This has little resistance and an untrained horse can simply pull away from it.

How do you tie a square knot?

The square knot is a wonderful knot for tying two pieces of string or rope together to form one. With one end of rope in each hand cross the right hand string over and under the left so that the left hand string is now in the right hand and vice-versa. Now, cross the left hand string over the rig ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a knot without letting go?

This is an old camp fire riddle... to do it, fold your arms in front of your chest, hold one end of the rope in each hand, when you pull the rope will make an over hand knot. -------------- The fastest knot that can be tied without letting go is tied in the center of a rope, a Slip Knot. It i ( Full Answer )

Why do sailors tie knots?

There are a lot of reasons for sailors to tie knots: So they don't lose their anchor, to stow their goods away, to haul sail, to tie the boat to the dock, to tie a smaller boat alongside, to make ladders with, to secure the ship's wheel during storms, and to give them something to hold onto when the ( Full Answer )

How to tie a big neck tie knot?

I should start by saying that i do not tie this know at the neck rather down a bit at chest level where i can see it without a mirror, hence my preference for a very short thin-end starting point. I just found it easier when i began and now its a habit.. OK. Start with a small tail-end made of the ( Full Answer )

How do you tie the various knots in a tie?

Windsor Knot - hang tie over neck with the fat part on the right side, then right over left. then put right over left again, it should kind of like a cone. Put fat part of tie through the cone between the front and second layer of the cone. Pull on small thin part of tie to tighten. This is a ver ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a Half-Windsor Knot in a necktie?

Tying a Half Windsor Knot Here's a short video - with demonstration plus verbal explanations -- that gives clear instructions on how to tie a Half Windsor knot. See the Related Link.

How do you tie the 'Four in Hand' knot on a neck tie?

Tying a 'Four in Hand' Knot in Your Neck Tie . Here's a short video -- with demonstration plus verbal explanations -- that will answer your question perfectly. See the Related Link.

Do dogs have to tie knot to become pregnant?

Yes they can become impregnated. Like humans, it can only take one drop of semen to become pregnant and dogs continuously ejaculate from the beginning to the end, even before tying

How do you tie a monkey-fist knot?

Take a piece of string, double it, pass one end of the string through the hole made by doubling it, and repeat. * Added - The Monkey's Fist is very difficult to describe without a diagram - It consists of making 3 overlapping loops (look at the Ballantine beer symbol) - first make 1 circle clockwi ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a tie with a Windsor knot?

Windsor knot, also known as Full Windsor or mistakenly referred to as Double Windsor, is one of the four classic tie knots which are most well known in the world. Its best to check out the video illustration to help you in learnin to tie the windsor knot - this is linked below -

How do you tie a quick release knot?

I've seen several knots that can be called a quick release. One is you tie a clove hitch but instead of passing the end of the rope under in the last step you double the rope and pass a loop through it. I have also seen people refer to the chain knot as a quick release. In that one you tie a s ( Full Answer )

Should you tie a tight knot when you tie a horse to a post?

You should not tie a knot at all! The best thing to do when tying a horse is to do a special kind of tie(you can probobly reseach it on google) that doesnt allow the horse to untie itself, but allows you to pull the end and the rope will untie, making sure you can untie your horse quickly in case of ( Full Answer )

Can a snake tie itself in a knot?

It depends on the snake, as some are flexible, and some are just too big to wrap around themselves. Some species of snake can tie themselves in a knot, but snakes will not do it voluntarily (on their own).

How do you tie a knot at the end of a balloon?

Well its kind of like tying your shoes. take your index finger, put it on the side of the balloon tip, twist the balloon tip around your finger. then loop the tip of the balloon under the peice of the balloon around your finger. and pull. hope this helps =)

How do you tie fly fishing knots?

There are many fly-fishing knots, such as: Improved Clinch knot, Blood Knot, and the Palomar Knot. .

How do you tie a Devil's Tongue knot?

any body who read the last answer don't believe it violet Baudelaire was a brilliant girl and it does exist but i don't no how to make it

Can you tie a knot in a string-theory string?

check this page out. As you can already see the dimensions in string theory are already in knots. Also, the string in string theory are so unbelievably small that we would never be able to see them, let alone tie them into a knot.

How many ways can you tie a knot?

There are over 3,900 known knots, to date. A great book on this subject, researched for over 40 years, is 'Ashley's Book of Knots'(1944), by Clifford Warren Ashley.

How do you tie a sliding knot?

The sliding knot is made by placing your line around the line or other piece you wish it to slide on, and then making multiple Square Knots (not Granny Knots). Make at least 3, but you can extend this to more, for looks, just being sure to make each the same size as the before it. The last must be t ( Full Answer )

How to tie a secure knot?

The most secure knot to use when tying up a horse is called the Quick Release Knot. It is very simple, and one of the easiest to learn. It is handy in the way that you can simply grab the end of the rope and pull, and the knot in the rope will release immediantly. For info on how to tie this knot, ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a knot on a sewing thread?

First you put it through the needle hole and put the two sides evenly and you twist it over your finger and you slide your fingers like that as easy as pie..=D

How did you tie knots if you were a pioneer?

It is widely publicized that the children of the westward-bound settlers of early America were so bored riding along the trail, that they learned to tie knots with their toes!

If you tie a knot with a cherry stem in your mouth?

It means that you are a trickster, having previously tied a different cherry stem and hid it under your tongue, so you could AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS with your apparent (and obvious) talented tongue-work.

How do you tie a knot with one hand?

There are a few knots that can be tied with one hand. One of the most useful knots for one hand is the slip knot. Lay the line down, reach under with your right hand, reach over the line to your right, reach underneath and grab the line close to you, grab and pull back forming a loop enclosed by the ( Full Answer )

How do you tie gimp knots?

You take the end if the gimp strings and wrap it around your index finger. Now slowly take it off, you should have a hole now you take the tips throgh the whole and pull.

Why do cables tie themselves into knots?

I've wondered before if it's something to do with magnetic attraction caused by the current in the cable - but they do it when they're not plugged in so... I suggest using cable ties (or sometimes a bit of elastic or string will work) to keep them in place when in use. If you're storing the cables ( Full Answer )

How do you tie the best knot ever?

The very best of knots are the ones that are tied and UN-tied equally quickly. So the one word answer would be... quickly.

How do I tie a Lark's Head Knot?

A Lark's Head knot is a term used by some, such as the Boy Scouts, to describe a hitch that goes around an object, and more often called a Cow Hitch, and also referred to as a Bale Sling. This is made my forming a single hitch, followed by a second single hitch in the opposite direction. This then p ( Full Answer )

How do you tie a ball knot?

I don't believe there IS such thing as a Ball knot. Maybe you were referring to the Decorative knot "Monkey's Fist".

Why can't you tie your hair in a knot?

its simple all you gotta do is just get a piece of hair,thread it through and just keep on doing that........ it actually works

Why is it easier to tie a jute knot than silk knot?

it is easier to tie a jute knot than a silk knot because jute is made up of a coarse material and is easier to handle whereas silk cloth is very slippery and is not easily handled by anyone.

Which knot can you use to tie an anklet?

A beautiful knot that can be used for an anklet, and it can be made from gold chain, is a 3 to 6 strand Turk's Head. As an anklet, the ends must be fused when it is completed.

Can a monkey tie a knot?

Tying a knot is not difficult and is often done by accident, so a monkey can definitely tie a knot. However, it is highly unlikely that a useful knot will result.

Where can one learn how to tie knots?

Most knots have critical uses in environments and can be learned in a variety of places. A young boy may learn the skills in knot tying by enrolling in Boy Scouts. There are also books available in your local library and book stores that teach you how to tie knots.