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They wear the same clothes as Western Europe, Britain and USA

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Q: Pictures of clothes worn in Ireland?
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Clothing worn in Ireland everyday?

in Ireland people were normal clothes that have the word cast on them.

What kind of clothes are worn in Ireland everyday?

in Ireland people wore patched kilts

What special clothes is worn during Diwali?

Ethic clothes are worn. People wear new clothes.

The website Ireland Pictures is full of what type of photo's?

The website Ireland Pictures is full of pictures of Ireland. These pictures vary in showing day to day life, nature, architecture, etc. in representing Ireland.

What type of clothes is worn around Diwali time?

New clothes are worn on Diwali. They wear ethnic clothes.

Why woollen clothes are worn in winter?

woolen clothes are worn in winter to prevent from coolness.woolen clothes will provide heat to our body.

What clothes were worn in 1908?

the skirts that were worn in 1908 were long and sat on the hips. You can find some great pictures is you type clothing 1908into your search images on Google or your favorite search engine.

What are the clothes worn by children and adults in Ireland?

we don't wear shoes coz that's how the divil gets ya. we recycle potatoe sacks as evening wear. and for casual clothes we favour anything with rhinestones

What can be worn in the science lab to protect your clothes?

A lab coat, gown, or apron can be worn to protect your clothes.

How do you make worn out clothes?

You make worn out clothes by wearing them until the fabric is thin and has holes and tears in it.

What were the clothes worn by rajputs during mughal times?

they wore colourful clothes

What type of clothes are worn in Spain?

casual clothes is worn in the summer in Spain eg. women wear dress

What clothes are worn in 21st century?

All types of clothes are worn in the 21st century including jeans, shirts, and shirts. Dresses and suits are also worn.

Metal clothes worn by knights?

The metal clothes that were worn by knights is called mail. It was a type of armor that was worn by knights for protection.

What clothing is worn in Ireland?


What was the clothes worn in first century Palestine?

The clothes that were worn in first century Palestine were probably sandals, sashes and robes.

Are special clothes worn for Diwali festival?

yes. Special clothes are worn on this day. People wear ethnic dresses

What clothes were worn in 2000?

Very much the same as is worn now.

What is worn when cooking?

Normally an apron is worn over clothes, but you can wear any type of clothes while cooking. The apron is used to protect the clothes from getting messy.

Clothes worn in karate?


What are the clothes worn in Aztec?


What clothes were worn in Honduras?


What types of clothes are worn in Paraguay?

Different types of clothes are worn in Paraguay, including skirts, blouses, and the traditional ao po\'i.

What kinds of clothes are worn for Hanukkah?

There are no special clothes worn on Hanukkah. It depends on the family custom as to how much the family dresses up.

What special clothes are worn by Christians?

There are no special clothes for Christians. Some religions have special clothes.