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No it will not 'clean" the THC from your system.

Plasma is the portion of your blood that will absorb active THC and wastes after it has been metabolized.

Donating plasma only removes a small portion of your total plasma. In Canada a plasma donation is ~450mL and your body has anywhere from 6 to 8 liters of blood at any given time.

You will lower the concentration of the THC in your system but not by a significant amount.

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Q: Plasma donating THC does donating plasma clean out THC in your system?
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Does donating plasma clean your system for weed?

No, it does not. And if you're concerned about "cleaning your system" from drugs, you really shouldn't be donating plasma in the first place.

Does donating plasma clean out any drugs from your system?

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Can you get an hives from donating plasma?

If they use iodine to clean the draw location and you have an allergy to iodine, you could get hives from that. When I donate blood, they ask if I have an iodine allergy and have an alternative.

Can you pass a Saliva Drug Test by donating Plasma?

nope. if it is a water soluble drug like cocaine or LSD, it is distributed in the water throughout your body. Giving plasma could probably make it go away a fraction sooner, but those are out of your blood in 2 to 4 days anyways. As far as pot goes, which is what you are likely asking about, no, it would not help at all. The inactive form of THC is stored in your fat reserves for around 3 or 4 weeks. Giving plasma won't do anything to clean your fat reserves. Check out some detox kits, and drink TONS of water, probably chew a piece of gum all day to keep their sample of you spit dilute.

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