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If your mechanic can't reset the timing, then they're not much of a mechanic, try another mechanic and make sure they're a certified ASE mechanic.

2006-04-10 00:56:40
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What is another term for a garage mechanic?

car mechanic motor mechanic vehicle mechanic

How do you call a place where a mechanic works at?


Should inspectors test automatic garage doors for automatic reverseleaksautomatic transmission automatic retreival and storage?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

Inspectors should test automatic garage doors for?

inspectors should test automatic garage doors for? automatic reverse

How much do you get paid for being a mechanic?

Not nearly as much as the garage that employs the mechanic.

How do you replace a rear main seal in a 1998 jeep Cherokee sport?

I have done it and its not easy. Please take it to a reputable mechanic the normal guys garage does not have the garage to do the job. you need a variety of pry bars and stuff. Its a complete pain. I will never do it again after finding out it costs like 300 for a mechanic to do it

Can the consumer add automatic transmission fluid to the 2002 Chevy cavalier?

You can add atf but you won't know how much to add or when it is full. This needs to be done on a lift in a garage by a mechanic.

Does SIC 3699 cover establishments making automatic garage door openers?

It includes establishments making automatic garage door openers

Can an automotive mechanic do the same as an auto repair mechanic?

At the Chevy garage they insisted on "automotive technicians", but yes. They are all the same name for a mechanic.

1995 golf has a noise coming from under the automatic shifter?

Get expert advice from a professionalMechanic.Or, Go to a GOLF specialist.Or, go to the garage the car was in first and ask for help.HELP IS BEST

Automatic garage door products can be found on what sites?

Automatic garage door products are available online from stores such as automaticaccess or dorma. They can also be found on sites such as powerdoorproducts.

Where does one buy an automatic garage door opener?

An automatic garage door opener can be found at most home improvement stores. These can include stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart. The internet also has automatic garage door openers for sale on websites such as Amazon or even eBay.

What are 2 types of automatic garage door drives?

There are screw drive and chain drive garage doors.

How does an automatic garage door work?

The garage door track's slider is attached to the door with a pair or adjustable arms, and the door is set on guide rails that use pulley wheels. Many garage doors are able to be opened with a remote control.

Can you get your car towed to a garage mechanic if it is not registered?

Yes. The garage can use their repair plate on the unregistered vehicle to make it legal to tow.

Can you give me a sentence with the word mechanic in it?

my uncle has a garage where mechanics works everyday..

Car will not go into gear?

Is it automatic or manual? If automatic, check the fluid levels on the gearbox. If this doesn't work, book it into a garage. If manual, it could be the clutch, yet again you need to get professional help, book it into a garage.

What is a modern sefety device on an automatic garage door opener?

pulley sensor

What products do Sommer USA manufacture?

SOMMER USA is a leading manafacturer of high quality automatic garage door openers and wireless control systems. It replaces and renews automatic garage systems in over 90 countries.

What are the top rated brands of automatic garage door openers according to Consumer Reports?

Genie Powerlift Excelerator Screw-Drive is very highly rated for a automatic garage door opener. Its very highly rated.

Why doesn't my truck acclerate?

well being a mechanic and having this problem myself, my solution was PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN?! if this does not work please e-mail me and will give you a free MOTon your vehicle at my garage. glad to be of service!

How much does a mechanic make an hour?

73 to 89 dollars an hour The garage may charge 73 to 89 dollars an hour but the mechanic doesn't make that.

What are some of the best garage systems available?

It depends on what kind of garage system you are looking for. There are garage organizational systems that are a blessing for any family who saves everything. Or there are automatic garage door systems that open and close the front door.

What licensing do you need to be a auto mechanic?

you don't need a license, the garage you work for carries the license.

Can a car parked in your garage cause accident in distant areas?

Yes. Quantum mechanic proves it.