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Please provide Info on the Movie The Glory Guys?

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I need a guys opinion please?

A guys opinion on what exactly?

How old is Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory?

Answer:He's currently 29 years old according to wikipedia. Answer:Guys please voice your opinions on the discussion page and not on the answers section. Thanks.

What are the similarities and difference between the independence for India and South Africa?

please answer this question guysplease answer this question guys

How is a kaleidoscope related to math?

Guys can you please answer this??

Why do guys get turned on by lesbians?

Please don't lump all guys into the same group. You can find guys that get turned on by anything.

What is the guys name off of Hannah Montana the movie?

the guys name from the Hannah Montana movie is Lucas Till.

How many guys are going to see the movie prom?

I don't know, but I DON'T recommend bringing guys to that movie, girls would be attached to it, guys would HATE it.

Please suggest any automotive electronics related project?

Check out this guys projects, might provide an idea or two. http://www.knizefamily.net/russ/category/electronics/auto-electronics/

What is the summary of the movie 300?

The movie 300 is about guys that are fighting.

What are the release dates for The Movie Guys - 2009?

The Movie Guys - 2009 was released on: USA: 14 November 2009 (internet)

What are some gender norms for guys?

Please rephrase your question.

What year was the Bahamas invented?

Please help you girl and guys!!

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Please guys please answer I'm desperate

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what do you have against white guys???? white people for that matter!!!!!! don't be so raist!!!! next question please!!

Do you guys show pictures?

No. We sometimes provide links to images when appropriate.

What is the guys name in the Hannah mantana movie?

the guys name from Hannah Montana is Lucas Till.

5 countries that have fascism?

I need to know the same answer can you guys please answer it!!!!!!!!!!

What do you guys think about Harry Potter?

Please put on a discussion page!

Why does guys sperm?

not an actionable question. please reword it. it makes no sense.

Is putting your head on a guys shoulder in a movie weird?

well if its a romatic movie then yes but scary movie then no

Why is ATP a high energy molecule?

well you guys own this site and i really think you guys should have the answer to it so please answer the question.

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