Pokemon Diamond wi fi

Updated: 8/16/2019
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go to someone elses house that has it, mc. donalds, Starbucks, or just get a wi-fi adapter.

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Q: Pokemon Diamond wi fi
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How do you get wi-fi on Pokemon diamond?

you download on your computer.

How do you use wi-fi in Pokemon diamond?

You have to buy wi-fi. Cheapest-about $30 - Best - about $50.

Where can I find a list of Pokemon Diamond Pearl or Platinum Wi-fi events?

you have to go to a place where you can find out about Pokemon wi fi

Is there a cable instead of wi-fi to trade between Pokemon pearl and diamond?

nope, only wi-fi x0Hikari0x

Is anyone on Pokemon pearl or diamond wi-fi now?


Can you get the members card with Nintendo Wi-Fi in Pokemon Diamond?


Which is the best Pokemon in diamond?

the best Pokemon in diamond is arceus, but you have to use action replay or wi-fi mystery gift

How do you use the Pokemon center wi-fi club in pearl and diamond?

you give up a Pokemon for it

How do you get to the end of Pokemon diamond without wi-fi?

you train up your Pokemon and beat everyone.

How do you get the memdership pass in Pokemon diamond?

You have to have Nintendo wi-fi and get the mystery gift

How do you use the Wi-Fi in the ds in Pokemon Diamond?

Turn your ds on and click on Pokemon diamondDO NOT hit continue, click on wi-fi settings.then follow the directions and if your wi-fi has a password, then you will need to obtain it by looking on your wireless router.

What do you need to get in GTS for Pokemon Diamond?

you need a wireless router with wi-fi. you can buy one at best buy.hook it up and get wi-fi internet! :)