Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

Pokemon Gold walkthough?

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find out on your own nerds Pokemon sucks

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Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events

if you mean Pokemon gold then the answer is no and if you mean Pokemon haert gold then you can get him only with action replay

nope sorry theres only one Pokemon gold. and its 'Pokemon gold' :D

i don't know about a gold Pokemon but magikarp when it is shiny is gold

There is no pokeathelon in the original Pokemon gold

You can't trade Pokemon from Pokemon Gold to Pokemon Red, you can only trade Pokemon from Red to Gold and not the opposite.

No, Pokemon Shiney Gold is not free.

No. It doesnot evolve in pokemon gold

You could only buy them in Eba but there is a new version of Pokemon gold its Pokemon Heart gold but its very expensive its $39.99

yes in Pokemon Gold it is level 18 in Pokemon Heart Gold it is level 17

no, you can't trade Pokemon from gold to leafgreen. But you can trade them from Pokemon XD from gamecube.

Pokemon heart gold is not real thing but gold is real

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

Groudon is not obtainable on Pokemon gold. For more information on Pokemon visit

No, it is a hack of Pokemon fire red based of Pokemon gold.

No, Kyurem isn't in Pokemon Gold. It is only available in Pokemon Black and White.

veronica is not in pokemon gold shes in the hoen region.

no there wont be but there will be Pokemon that you couldn't get in silver and gold and but no new Pokemon

Houndour was a Pokemon released in Generation III. Pokemon Gold is a Generation II game. Houndoor was not introduced at that time. Therefore, you cannot get Houndour in Pokemon Gold.

well it is a remake of Pokemon gold version there is also a Pokemon pure silver version

you cant you can catch certain gold and silver Pokemon on each game

Rayquaza is a Pokemon from the third Generation. Pokemon Gold is a second generation game.