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technician, which is moves with 60 base power or less do 50% more damage

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What Pokemon have the pick up ability in red?

zigzagoon is one Pokemon with the ability pickup ampibom, aipom, meowth, and teddyursa are a few others

Where do you get an aipom in Pokemon diamond?

we get an aipom from anywhere check your pokedex

In Pokemon Diamond where do you find Aipom?

You can find Aipom by slathering honey on a tree. when it shakes you might find aipom- that's how i found it on diamond

Where do you find aipom and ambipom on Pokemon diamond?

put honey on a tree for aipom but for ambipom evolve aipom

Who is Pokemon 64 in Pokemon diamond?

Ambipom, which is the evolved form of aipom

Where do you find an aipom in Pokemon Diamond?

its on route 212 where it starts raining with two Pokemon rangers one had an prinplup and aipom

Where do you get a aipom in Pokemon Diamond?

put honey on a tree

Where is aipom with a trainer in Pokemon diamond?

in the battle tower

Where do you find Aipom on Pokemon Diamond?

in the ertna forest You can catch aipom by putting honey on a tree

How do you get an aipom on Pokemon ruby?

You can't. its one of the new Pokemon for diamond and pearl.

How do you evolve Aipom in Pokemon Diamond?

Aipom evolves into Ambipom when it learns Double Hit at Level 32.

Were can you get an aipom with a trainer Pokemon diamond and pearl?

honey trees

How do you catch an Aipom on Pokemon Diamond?

You need to have a life first.

Can aipom evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

no but it can in platinum, diamond or pearl.

What is Pokemon number 63 in diamond?

Sinnoh Dex: Aipom

What Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed have pick up ability?

Meowth, Phanpy, Aipom and Teddiursa.

How do you find Aipom in Pokemon Diamond?

To capture an Aipom, you need to smear honey on one of the many honey trees, wait a day, then go back to the tree, interact with it and Aipom may be the Pokemon in the tree

What level does aipom evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Aipom evolves after learning Double Hit. It will NOT evolve unless it knows Double Hit.

Where is aipom in Pokemon diamond?

it can be found in floaroma meadow on the tree slathered with honey

What does ambipom evolve into in Pokemon diamond?

Ambipom does not evolve. It is the evolved form of Aipom.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what level does aipom learn swift?

Level 22

Where do you get the pickup ability in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon that have the pickup abilty are: linoone, phanphy meowth pachirisu and aipom- note there are about 5 more that have the ability but i forgot them... after any battle you can sometimes expect an item; the higher the Pokemon level, the better the item- you get an item no matter what place the Pokemon is in your party...

A trainer that has a aipom in Pokemon diamond?

go to Solaceon town and go up to route 210 and to the sign. You should see a glimpse of a trainer to the left. His first Pokemon is Aipom.

How do you get Ambipom on Pokemon diamond?

Ambipom evolves from Aipom from level up while it knows Double Hit. Aipom is found honey trees.

When do you get Aipom from the tree in Flouroma Meadow in Pokemon diamond?

go to the bottom of route 212 and fight in the double battle, ranger allisonn will have a aipom

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