Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team

Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team action replay codes?

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2010-04-18 00:06:31
2010-04-18 00:06:31

infinate pp: yfjd00000??



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All Items in Storage [North America]

a213c112 000003e7

d5000000 000003e7

c0000000 000000ee

d7000000 0213bf36

d2000000 000 00000

Max / Infinite Belly [North America]

12115542 000061A7

12115546 000061A8

Max / Infinite Money [North America]

0213C12C 0001869F


I would consider to go on google type in: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team action replay codes. I think you can find all sorts of good ones, That's what I did and I was a Pikachu and I Evolved into a Raichu (with no cheats) and now Im level 100 at Lucario rank.

Hope this helped (I know i was a Little off topic but i just wanted to you an example :P)

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there are no cheats for mystery dungeon games only action replay codes

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erm u get the Pokemon mystery dungeon blue codes with action replay :D

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Use an action Replay or search it in google

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No not with out an Action Replay code that I made.

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