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The only Pokemon is Happiny>Chansey.

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Catch a Chansey on route 209 or 210 and usually they have one with them

Happinny is the only Pokemon that can evolve with the Oval Stone.

most of the stones (moon stone, thunder stone, leaf stone, sun stone, dawn stone, dusk stone, oval stone, shiny stone, ....etc.....) make Pokemon evolve. However, the everstone prevent the holder from evolving.

The only Pokemon that can be evolved with an Oval stone is a Happiny into a Chancey.

Happiny uses the Oval Stone to evolve into Chansey.

Happiny evolves into Chansey with an Oval Stone.

The Ovalaptor evolved from the oval stone.

an oval stone evolves happiny

The oval stone evolves Chansey.

To get an oval stone, you need to catch a chansey. they're always holding an oval stone.

The Pokemon that can use oval stone in Pokemon platinum is Happiny. It is the pre evolve form of chansey. Mostly every chansy you catch have a oval stone.

The Oval stone evolves Happiny into Chansey.

happini can evolve with a oval stone

Chansey evolves from an Oval Stone.

The Oval Stone is an item in the Pokemon games which can be used to evolve certain Pokemon. For example, it can evolve Chansey.

An Oval Stone is a held item that makes certain Pokemon evolve

Happiny---->Chansey using the oval stone.

Happiny evolves using the oval stone in Pokemon Pearl. You must equip your Happiny with the oval stone and level it in the morning or in the evening to evolve into Chansey.

AnswerThere is only one Pokemon who with evolve with the aid of an Oval Stone. As the Oval Stone is not an elemental stone, but a hold item that induces evolution, it is used differently. If you equip an Oval stone to a Happiny and level it up during the daytime (4.00am to 8.00pm), it will evolve into a Chansey. Happiny is the only Pokemon which can use the Oval Stone. If the item is given to a Chansey, Blissey or any other Pokemon it will have no effect. Thus only Happiny can evolve from an Oval Stone.

You can evolve happiny with an oval stone after its friendship is high

JUST Happiny can evolve from the oval stone.under ground digging

Happiny uses the Oval Stone to evolve into Chansey.

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