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Police officer duties?

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dutiez r 2 work everyday

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Definition of assaulting a police officer?

ANY unwanted touching. NEVER touch a police officer in the performance of his duties.

What are police officers duties?

the police officer save and help people in danger.

What are the duties for a police officer?

To project our lives and land from crime. :)

What are the duties of a police officer?

A police officer's duty is to make sure a certain area is safe.

What is the police fitness tests?

It is a physical fitness test to ensure a police officer is capable of carrying out his or her duties. The details of which will vary according to country and duties.

If police officer lied is his police department sued for his actions?

A police department can be sued for the criminal misconduct by one of its officers, if the misconduct pertains to something done during the course of their duties or otherwise related to their duties as a police officer. However, if a police officer lies to a woman at a bar in order to have a one night stand, for example, that wouldn't be grounds to sue the police department.

Can you give a police officer a ticket?

yes because if a police officer is off their shift and are speeding they can get a ticket anyway. The average citizen does not have the legal authority to issue a ticket to anyone, police officer or regular citizen. A police officer can issue a ticket to another police officer who is violating the law while not in the performance of their duties.

What happens if a police officer fails to perform his civil duties?

he gets his badge taken

What are duties of registration officer?

duties of registering officer

Whats the definition of under cover police officer?

A sworn law enforcement officer assigned to duties while wearing "street-type" clothing, so that they "blend-in" with the criminal element and whose identity as a police officer is not usually known.

What do police power and authority consist of?

The power of a police officer lies vested in his physical strength and ability. It is based on this power that he gets enrolled as a police officer. A police officer without power can in no means subdue a criminal, it is vital. Likewise, the authority of a police officer is vested in him through a governmental agency that empowers or clothes him with certain duties that can take authority of to arrest and subdue criminals. Both are very vital in performing successfully as a police officer.I hope this explanation helps.

What do you call stopping a police officer from doing his job?

obstruction of justiceAdded: In some jurisdictions also known as "Impeding" or "Obstructing" an officer in the performance of their duties.

What is the difference between a city police officer and a county police officer?

The difference between a city police officer and a county police officer in most places is the location where one reports to work. In different states they may or may not have different duties. Usually they have the same job training. In a number of locations, cities and counties have merged saving the cost of having two different police departments doing the same work.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a customer service officer?

What is the duties of a customer relation Officer in the hotel

What are the duties of protocol officer in an aviation industry?

what are the duties of a protocol officer in aviation industry

What are the major duties of field officer in ngo?

duties of a feild officer in disabled organisation

How much time can someone get for assaulting a police officer or resisting arrest in New York?

From the NY State Statute: § 120.11 Aggravated assault upon a police officer or a peace officer. A person is guilty of aggravated assault upon a police officer or a peace officer when, with intent to cause serious physical injury to a person whom he knows or reasonably should know to be a police officer or a peace officer engaged in the course of performing his official duties, he causes such injury by means of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. Aggravated assault upon a police officer or a peace officer is a class B felony.

If asked does a undercover police officer have to tell he is a police officer?

No. An undercover officer, in the performance of his duties, is allowed to deceive you. Edit: Any police officer is allowed to deceive you if investigating a crime. And they are not necessarily required to provide their name and badge number. If they are unformed, their name is generally on their shirt of jacket, so, it's up to the person asking to figure it out. The officer is in no way required to write it down for you or give you a business card.

What is the difference between a public safety officer and a police officer?

Public safety officers perform a limited amount of law enforcement duties. They can issue tickets, do crowd control, act as a backup, do crime prevention, and work with the community. A police officer would deal with these things, as well as higher priority calls. For instance, if there was a bank robbery in progress, the police officer would be the one that was sent.

How much time in jail for assault to a police officer?

In some jurisdictions it is a felony offense to assault an officer in the performance of their duties. The penalty will vary according to the wording of the laws of the various states.

What is the typical charge for hindering arrest for a felony?

Depending on the jurisdiction you're in: "Obstruction of Justice" - "Interfering With A Law Enforcement Officer in the Performance of his duties - "Hindering An Officer... etc)" - "Assault On A Police Officer" - etc - etc. None of it is good.

Can you still be a police officer with a medical discharge from the military?

Yes, so long as you're able to perform the duties required of you as a police officer.Added: You can expect to undergo a particularly rigorous medical examination covering the specific area(s) that caused your discharge.

Why do you have to become a police officer before a CSI?

Depending on the agency you choose to work for you don't necessarily have to be a sworn law officer. Many agencies use civilian technicians to pefrom those duties.

Duties of ias officer?

An IAS officer has several duties that they must perform. Some of the duties are decision making, making and setting plans, and supervise projects.

Duties and responsibilities of liaison officer tagalog?

Anu ang responsibilidad ng isang liaison officer