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Thomas Hobbes

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Q: Political theorist who championed autocratic ideas in the 17th century?
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What are facts about the Bolsheviks?

Bolsheviks were a revolutionary political party in early 20th century Russia. They opposed the Romanov autocratic rule.

What did the Puritans in late sixteenth century England do?

Championed literacy

What were the autocratic rulers of Russia from the middle of the sixteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century called?


What military theorist contended that war is an extension of politics?

Credit for this idea has been given to 19th century military theorist Carl von Clausewitz. His book called On War provides examples of this.

Adolphe Appia.. an early 20th Century theorist.. identified the following as important elements of production?

*actor, space, lighting

What is the name of the official annual exhibition of French painting which championed an increasingly conservative and prescriptive idea of art in the second half of the nineteenth century?

the salon

What nineteenth century military theorist that both Lenin and Trotsky believed was vital to understand?

Both Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky were "students" in a sense of the writings of Carl von Clausewitz. They read his works and understood that political power can be enhanced towards a revolution that understands the connection or war and politics.

What was the dominant political institution during the 19th century?

Congress was the dominant political institution during the 19th century.

In the eighteenth-century Britain had achieved political sovereignty and even the king had become subordinate to it?

Parliament in Britain achieved political sovereignty in the 18th Century.

The Puritans in late sixteenth-century England?

They considered themselves non-Separatists

The dominant political institution during most of the nineteenth century was?

Congress was the dominant political institution in the US during most of the 19th century. The presidency became more powerful during the 20th century.

How did military theorist Heinrich Bulow view the dangers of frontal assaults?

Heinrich BuLow was a German military theorist in the late 18th century who published books on military strategies. He cautioned military commanders to never neglect the fact that however strong an armies front lines were, they had to beware of flanking maneuvers by an enemy.