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check the filter

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Q: Pool pump sounds like it is running hard?
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Why do you get fiberglass on you when touching your pool?

Sounds like the jell coat on the pool needs redoing.

What sounds like hard?


What creature live in a pool like pond and sounds like a drainer that just came off of a pool cover?


After emptying a pool to replace liner there is ground water in sand and will not stop running?

It sounds like there is a broken water line under the sand. Perhaps from a sprinker system?

Filter sand in pool?

Sounds like some of your radials are broken

How do you clean the black moldly gunk off the bottom off the used pool I just purchased?

Scrape some of it of the pool and take it to your pool shop, it sounds like it might be black algae, the shop wit have something to kill it of this is really hard stuff to kill so its good that the pool is empty.

What is a human gene pool?

The human gene pool is exactly what it sounds like. This is the collection of genes found in the human race.

1994 Lumina apv hard starts cold and now will not continue running Runs for about 1 minute then sounds like it chokes out and cuts off and is hard to start again?

Check the map sensor.

Water totally depleted from vinyl lined pool?

sounds like you have a leak some where

What is the meaning of as hard as iron?

It means just what it sounds like -- something is really hard.

How can you level a pool that has water in it already?

The water will level itself so you can live with it if you would like. Otherwise, emptying the pool and setting it up again sounds like what you have to do.

Why does my 1997 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6 shut off when i stop after it's been running?

Is it hard to keep running sometimes when you try to restart it ???? It sounds like the idle air control valve. That's what the problem with my '97 was.

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