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Pop a zit?

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Don't pop zits! Picking at your skin is never a good thing. Try a product designed to target blemishes. I'm a fan of Bremenn Lab's Emergency Zit Stick. You just apply it to the zit and it helps minimize the redness and swelling on contact. It's a lifesaver, I keep mine in my purse at all times!

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Would you rather pop your boyfriends zit or like peanut butter off a hobo's foot?

Pop my boy friends zit all the way. Ant other suggestions? Erm. Pop a zit. Lol wat a weird question! Erm. Pop a zit. Lol wat a weird question!

Is it a good idea to pop a zit?

It is not a good idea to pop a zit. The reason one is not supposed to pop a zit is because anything skin is deliberately broken, it increases the risk of creating a scar or getting an infection.

How do you get rid of a zit on your lip?

you pop it

How do you get rid of a big zit?

Pop it.

What is an easy way to pop a zit?

First of all you are never supposed to pop a zit! Popping a zit can lead to infection and its just plain gross! or you could always soak a needle in rubbing alcohol then use it to puncture the head of the zit, being careful not to puncture too deeply, then squeeze it slightly. After you pop the zit wash your face and hands thoroughly.

Can you pop a zit on your penis?

yes, but it will hurt.

How do you get rid of a zit in 1 night?

pop it

How do you suggest that I handle the zit under my scrotum?

how did you find that?? i dont know pop it like a nomal zit

What is a massive zit?

I think it is just a giant zit that's about to pop. I have one and it hurts like crazy...

I have a Big zit under my nose and my friend is having a party in 2 days what should i do?

pop it or use a clearskin zit drier.

If you have a zit on your penis should you pop it?

No, use acne serum to heal it.

What do Ozzie and Drix decide to call for in order to clean up the mess after the zit explodes?

don't pop your zit that just spreads more.

Is it unsafe to pop a zit with unsteril toenail clippers?

yes, I believe so! I suggest you should pop it with a sterile needle.

What is the pus in a zit?

The pus in a zit is bactaria from all the dirt that is in the zit if you want it to go away don't pop it because it will flare up and your present, a scar so just use facewash or something helpful and it will go away

How do you pop zits painlessly?

There isn't any real way to pop a pimple or zit painlessly thre is only going to be a bit of pain

What is the stuff that comes out of a zit?

Believe it or not , the white stuff that comes out of zits, are actually good for the zit. It's the naturaul way zits go away, its technically your body trying to get rid of the zit for you, so if you have a white head, dont pop it, because the white stuff coming out of it is only helping the zit go down.

What is the difference between a zit and a pimple?

There is no difference, they are two different words for the same exact thing. It has been postulated that the noun "Zit" was coined as an Onomatopoeia for the sound made when you pop a pimple.

What is a blind zit?

A Blind Zit can be a fairly large or fairly small pimple that has been stored far beneath the skin.These types of zits are not easily popped because there is a layer of skin blocking it, which is usually the cause of the large bump.Unless the zit rises to the surface, you can use a needle to poke into the middle of the zit to reach the pocket. However, I highly recommend not using this method to get rid of the zit.How to get rid of the Blind Pimple:My own personal way of getting rid of blind pimples is by NOT POPPING THE ZIT. Under any circumstances, do not pop this zit. It will only cause scarring and pain.Freeze an ice pack in the freezer and every night, take the ice pack out and place it on the zit when you are sleeping. The cold will help decrease swelling and make the zit smaller.After a while, you might be able to pluck off the top and squeeze the blood out. (Sometimes, blood is all you will get so don't pick too much. Just take the blood out to relieve the pressure.) IMMEDIATELY wash your face after removing the blood. Continue to use the ice pack until the pimple is completely gone.How to pop the zit safely:If you wish to pop your zit due to personal reasons, do the complete opposite from my method. Use a hot pack every night and place it on the zit while you sleep.After a few nights, see if the zit has risen to the surface. If it has, simply pluck off the top and squeeze the zit out.Some cons about using this method is you will have scarring and there may be a lot of bleeding. Also, when you pop the zit, it might hurt!(ZPT) Zit Popping Tip:When popping zits, use your knuckles instead of using your finger tips. This will prevent the fingernail indents and prevent a scar.

What do you do when you have a pimple inside your nose?

Get 2 bobby pins! Stick them up there and squeeze the zit to pop it. it will hurt, but it will get rid of it!

Can you pop a zit that is not white?

No, it will only make it redder and more infected. Try a clay mask to dry it up instead.

How does a zit look like?

a red dot with a white dot popping out in the middle if you pop it it'll spurt pus and then blood.

What do you do after you pop a zit?

well...the best thing to do is NOT pop the zit for it can spread and push bacteria deeper in the skin.poping will also cause more inflamation.but if you do wash your hands before you pop it and wash your face afterwards to prevent more spreads in bacteria. -good luck Absolutely true. Don't pop it! It pushes those "nasties" further into the skin. If anything,wash your hands and face then take a tiny clean needle (lancet needle) and break the top of the zit letting it empty out with a little pressure. After, clean it up your face and leave it alone. The inflammation (what makes it all red) will fade in time.

Should you pop a zit that is not fully formed yet?

you are not supposed to pop zits at all. they can leave scars, and will only come back bigger. try clearasol if you have a problem, it works for my cousin.

Can you get a zit on your gums?

It doesn't appear that you can get an actual zit on your gums, if it looks like a zit, get it checked out.

Can you have a zit in your ear?

yes its possible to have a zit on your ear