Pop a zit

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Don't pop zits! Picking at your skin is never a good thing. Try a product designed to target blemishes. I'm a fan of Bremenn Lab's Emergency Zit Stick. You just apply it to the zit and it helps minimize the redness and swelling on contact. It's a lifesaver, I keep mine in my purse at all times!

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Q: Pop a zit
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How do you get rid of a zit on your lip?

you pop it

How do you get rid of a big zit?

Pop it.

Is it a good idea to pop a zit?

It is not a good idea to pop a zit. The reason one is not supposed to pop a zit is because anything skin is deliberately broken, it increases the risk of creating a scar or getting an infection.

Would you rather pop your boyfriends zit or like peanut butter off a hobo's foot?

Pop my boy friends zit all the way. Ant other suggestions? Erm. Pop a zit. Lol wat a weird question! Erm. Pop a zit. Lol wat a weird question!

Can you pop a zit on your penis?

yes, but it will hurt.

How do you get rid of a zit in 1 night?

pop it

What is an easy way to pop a zit?

First of all you are never supposed to pop a zit! Popping a zit can lead to infection and its just plain gross! or you could always soak a needle in rubbing alcohol then use it to puncture the head of the zit, being careful not to puncture too deeply, then squeeze it slightly. After you pop the zit wash your face and hands thoroughly.

How do you suggest that I handle the zit under my scrotum?

how did you find that?? i dont know pop it like a nomal zit

What is a massive zit?

I think it is just a giant zit that's about to pop. I have one and it hurts like crazy...

I have a Big zit under my nose and my friend is having a party in 2 days what should i do?

pop it or use a clearskin zit drier.

If you have a zit on your penis should you pop it?

No, use acne serum to heal it.

What do Ozzie and Drix decide to call for in order to clean up the mess after the zit explodes?

don't pop your zit that just spreads more.

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