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The population of Villers Bocage in Calvados is two thousand eight hundred.

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Q: Population of villers-bocage calvados
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What is the population of Saint-Sever-Calvados?

Saint-Sever-Calvados's population is 1,369.

What is the area of Saint-Sever-Calvados?

The area of Saint-Sever-Calvados is 27.92 square kilometers.

Which Region in France produces Calvados?

Calvados, an apple brandy, is produced in Normandy, Western France.

What is Calvados?

It is an apple juice based brandy, produced in Normandy, France. ____________________________________________ Calvados is an apple based brandy produced in Normandy, France. The apples are fermented into cider which is then distilled in order to make Calvados. The name Calvados is protected under the AC of AC Calvados du Pays d'Auge. There are a few difference between Calvados and other apple liquors made in Normandy is the spirit is distilled using the pot still while the other apple liquors mainly use the patent still.

What is the Capital of calvados region?


What fruit into calvados brandy?


What is the name of the apple brandy from France?


Alcohol beginning with c?

Cognac Champagne Calvados

What is Calvados served at Les Halles in NY?

apple brandy

What is the strongest brandy in the world?

Probably "Calvados", an apple brandy. Commercial Calvados is not that strong, but the calvados made in the countryside by French farmers is commonly distilled out at 140 proof. After the liberation of France in World War II, the GI's were offered Calvados by the grateful French people. GI's, thinking it no stronger than any other brandy, chugged it - and a lot of problems arose from that, as you can well imagine. The saying among the GI's was that it was made from "ground up grenades".

Liquor name beginning with c?

Calvados a french apple brandy

Who is the owner of the danao juice company?

Cidreries du Calvados la Fermiere

Where can you buy Calvados?

Most American liquor stores have some variety or another of Calvados but in order to get the good stuff you will have to travel. Just as you would to find the best of any specialty product you must go to the source in this case France.

What is the name of spanish apple flavored digestive after dinner drink?

Calvados or Manzana Verde.

What is Normandy France famous for?

it is famous for apple brandy called calvadosand D-day

When was Bruno Romy born?

Bruno Romy was born in 1958, in Caen, Calvados, France.

When was Antoine Corbin born?

Antoine Corbin was born in 1978, in Caen, Calvados, France.

What can you substitute for calvados?

half apple juice concentrate / half brandy. You could also try apple cider, but it isn't as .. pleasing or as strong. The Calvados leaves a pleasant taste to the recipe - the cider doesn't keep the flavor as it tends to bake out.

When was Kevin Lelannier born?

Kevin Lelannier was born on August 10, 1982, in Caen, Calvados, France.

When was Charlie Lenormand born?

Charlie Lenormand was born on August 9, 1983, in Lisieux, Calvados, France.

When was Michel Magne born?

Michel Magne was born on March 20, 1930, in Lisieux, Calvados, France.

When was Milan Mauger born?

Milan Mauger was born on January 25, 1986, in Caen, Calvados, France.

When was Octave Mirbeau born?

Octave Mirbeau was born on February 16, 1850, in Trevires, Calvados, France.

When did Marcel Moussy die?

Marcel Moussy died on August 10, 1995, in Caen, Calvados, France.

When was Benjamin de Lajarte born?

Benjamin de Lajarte was born in 1972, in Caen, Calvados, France.