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Portugal was what in war?

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first world war was with the allies.

in the second world war was neutral.

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Is Portugal in peace or war?

Portugal is in peace.

Why did Portugal remain neutral during world war 1?

Portugal did not remain neutral. Portugal entered the war in 1914 on the Allied side, but like Russia and Italy was forced to drop out before the war ended. The Miracle of Fatima allegedly took place in Portugal in 1917 after Portugal withdrew from the war.

Why did Portugal enter world war 1?

Portugal entered World War 1 as a result of Germany declaring war on the country. Germany did not like that Portugal was docking on its harbor.

What year did Portugal enter World War I?

portugal started world war 1 in July 16,1761

Who did Portugal fight with in world war ll?

Portugal was neutral during World War II so didn't fight anyone.

Did Portugal have any wars?

Portugal never had any wars but there were people that went into the war.

Where did France fight the peninsular war?

Spain and Portugal. It fought Britain, Spain and Portugal.

When did Portugal enter World War 2?

It didn't enter the war.

What prompted Portugal to eventually grant Angola its freedom?

Angola went on to war against Portugal. Eventually, Portugal could no longer sustain the war in Angola due to rebellion in different colonies in Africa.

In a war between Spain and Portugal who would win?

Portugal would send spain to the moon

How did world war 2 affect Portugal?

Portugal was neutral in WW2. The capital, Lisbon, however, was known as a place for espionage by all participants in the War.

What group remained neutral during the war?

Most of the Europe was at war apart from Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Most of the Europe was at war apart from Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Who led Portugal in World War 2?

Antonio Salazar was the fascist leader of Portugal from 1932 to 1968.

What did Portugal do in World War I?

Colonies interest in Africa.

Why did austria declare war on Portugal?

Due to its alliance with Britain (1386, Windsor) and fearing for the security of its colonies in Africa, Portugal sinked german and austrian ships that were anchored in Lisbon. Germany and Austia-Hungary responded declaring war on Portugal and thus, Portugal sent 50,000 men to the Western Front.

What was the Peninsular War?

The Spain and Portugal portion of the Napoleonic Wars.

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