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This is not because of any patological disorder. There are some reasons which may be responsible for the high level of albumin in blood plasma which comes in our result of liver function test. Dehydration is the main cause or prolonged use of bandages for stooping blood when you cut your hands or any part of your body accidentally.

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What does albumin do?

Albumin performs many functions including maintaining the osmotic pressure that causes fluid to remain within the blood stream instead of leaking out into the tissues. You can maintain a healthy albumin level by eating high levels of protein.

How do you convert albumin level to gram to liter?

The normal level of albumin in blood serum is 35-50 g/L (or 3,5-5,0 g/100 mL).

Normal albumin level?

in blood 3.7-5.7gm/dl & in urine it is nil

What is the treatment for low protein level in blood?

You can be given albumin or amino acids parenterally.

What does AlbG means?

AlbG stands for Albumin Globulin. There are different kinds of protein in the body. Albumin blood level is an indicator of liver and kidney function.

What causes the body to produce albumin?

Albumin is a protein that is produced by the liver. Hydration ultimately determines the production level of albumin. Low levels are commonly the result of liver or kidney disease.

What causes high albumin count?

Albumin is a serum protein released into the blood stream by the lover. This protein and others assist in the helping the body work properly. Causes of a high albumin level (5.4 g/dl or higher) can include severe infections, congenital disorders, severe dehydration, hepatitis, malnourishment, chronic inflammatory diseases, tuberculosishigh cortisol levels, congestive heart failure, kidney diseases, HIV, and cancer.

What causes a high PH level?

What causes a high PH level in the blood

What does elevated albumin mean?

Elevated albumin means that a protein level is high. This could occur in urine or blood. By itself, it is not diagnostic. It has to be considered in light of the entire history and physical.

Normal albumin levels?

normal s.albumin level is 3.7-5.5gm/dl urine albumin level nil or traces can be appear in some cases.

What causes low sodium blood level?

high blood pressure pills

What does it mean when an albumin level is low?

When an albumin level is low, it might mean a disease of the kidney. It may also mean a disease of the liver like hepatitis.

Would it be possible to have a blood alcohol level of 3.7?

Anything is possible, but if you were to have a blood/alcohol level that high, you wouldn't be able to enjoy it. You'd probably be dead!

What foods raise albumin level in dogs?

Egg whites are high in albumin. If your dog has a decreased albumin level, it is generally safe to give him/her one egg white per day. Always remember to consult with your veteriarian first!

What causes low level of eosinophil in blood?

low level eosinophile count is not possible since the reference range is about 0-1% of the white blood cells. However, is the WBC on a low level, then of course the eo's too. Raised levels of eo's are connected to allergic reactions

Can keppra affect your Blood Alcohol level?

No. Blood alcohol level is a measure of how much alcohol is in solution in the blood. It is possible to affect the rate of absorption, but not the level that is reached.

Is 34 a low or high level of albumin?


Low soduim level in the blood mean?

what causes hyponatremia?

What chemical causes a decrease in the blood calcium level?


Low albumin levels in dialysis patients?

Low albumin level is a strong predictor of mortality and morbidity among dialysis patients.

What causes high level of neutrophils in blood?

round worm infection

What causes high level of vitamin b12 in the blood?

overdosing vitamins

High 4.3 albumin level?

That's not high. It's normal.

What can cause excess kalium in the blood stream?

Type your answer here... what causes high level of kalcium in the blood test?

Does Insulin causes an increase in the blood sugar level?

Insulin is a hormone secreted during high availability of blood glucose for the conversion into storage glycogen supplies. Therefore high insulin level is expected to be followed by a decrease in blood glucose level.