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Pregnant and not sure if it is normal to have a mild pain and pressure in left side below rib?

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2008-06-24 07:36:05

okay---- if you are less than 3 months pregnant you need to see

a doctor immediately because the pregnancy could be ectopic (in the

fallopian tube) , if this has already been ruled out due to early

ultra sound examination, then as long as there is no bleeding then

it is probably just round ligament pain caused by the uterus

growing a stretching, which is perfectly normal (esp if this is

your first pregnancy). if you are more than 6 months pregnant it's

normal. MY daughter used to stretch and kick me in the left rib all

the time. Just change your sitting position and gently massage the

spot and she/he will change position and you will be more

comfortable. good luck Joymaker rn

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