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Presidential Reconstruction following the American Civil War can best be described as a desire to rebuild the country quickly and without ill feelings following the war.

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President Lincoln's plan for reconstruction can best be described as mild. The Reconstruction Era lasted from 1863 to 1877.

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Q: Presidential reconstruction following the American civil war can best be described as-?
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The period of Union occupation of the American South following the Civil War is referred to as the?


Which of the following did African American communities often do during Reconstruction?

Held political events that did not involve voting

What has the author Marsha Ziff written?

Marsha Ziff has written: 'Reconstruction following the Civil War in American history' -- subject(s): Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877), Juvenile literature, History

What impact, if any, does Reconstruction have on American society todayΒ ?

What impact, if any, does Reconstruction have on American society today?Β 

Where did the phrase reconstruction come from?

The term reconstruction describes the rebuilding of something that has been ripped asunder. It usually describes the period following the American Civil War, when the task of restoring the war ravaged south both physically and morally were at hand.

Read the following excerpt from the writings of a Latin American revolutionary leader. Which Enlightenment principle is described in the excerpt?

Natural rights. :)

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The reconstruction acts required that?

The reconstruction acts is required by government. This was passed after the American Civil War.

Who fought to restrict African American rights during reconstruction?

President Andrew Jackson restricted African American rights during reconstruction. Blacks were excluded from southern politics. Radical Reconstruction occurred from 1867 to 1877

How was life like in African American reconstruction?

they can eart

What and when was Reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the period after the Civil War until 1877. It was a period where the South was being punished by the North for starting the Civil War.

What were the effects of the reconstruction act?

African American were not allowed to vote.