Primary borrower on loan?

I recently co-signed for a loan for my brother. The dealership not only put me in the primary borrower position (which was a mistake), but since then there have been payment issues. So it has been my phone ringing off the hook.

Even as a co-signer (non primary borrower) I would have been responsible to make the payments in the event the primary borrower did not. I understood that. However, if you are applying for a loan being the co-signer does make a difference rather than being the primary.

Typically, to be a co-signer you will have to prove (by showing the payments being made from a co-borrowers account) that they are making the payments or it will affect your DTI (Debt to Income ratio). Also as the primary YOU will get the calls if there is a late payment - in my case they did not even have the co-borrowers phone number. This really doesn't mean anything except that I had all of the pain for their being late on their payments. My credit has been negatively affected. SO IF you are going to be the primary borrower - be sure that you are willing to make the payments.