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Most of them consider cognition, learning theory, maturation and devwlopment,concwpts and skills, philosophy of education, use of technology, expected learning outcomes.

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The curriculum is developed in a way that will help communicate important principles. The purpose of it is to help educate.

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Q: Principles and theories of curriculum development?
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What do most principles and theories of curriculum development have in common?

What do most principles and theories of curriculum development have in common?

How do the principles and theories of curriculum development expressed or spelled out in the curriculum of the class?

The principles and theories of curriculum development are used by educators and education planners to construct a curriculum appropriate to the students or the audience. When the curriculum have been drafted, it undergoes analysis in terms of what the students already know or should've known before the course. It is further evaluated according to its structure as well as the number of units accorded to it. When this is done, a course design or instructional design is developed based on the prescribed curriculum. The contents of the instructional design implemented to the students or the audience is how the principles and theories of curriculum development applied or spelled out in the classroom.

How important is it for teachers and curriculum planners to anchor their curriculum plans to specific theories and principles of curriculum development?

Theory is theory. Practice is practice. The two shall never meet.I've always designed curriculum plans based on the strengths of our current groups of teachers.Are our teachers experienced? Then they need the loosest of materials and prompts to teach excellent lessons.Are our teachers inexperienced or untrained? Then they need as much hand-holding and support as I can give them to teach passable lessons.Theories are nice. If your teachers are unable to teach from the theories and effectively utilize them the theories mean nothing.

How does philosophy influence curriculum development?

Philosophy probably has more influence on curriculum access than development. As learning and teaching theories are developed and education as a whole changes, the way the curriculum is understood and taught and therefore learned changes.

2 What specific principle of curriculum development justifies the importance of cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders of the school?

I'm not sure curriculum development has specific principles. Commonsense suggests that co-operation and collaboration is likely to yield results satisfying more stakeholders.

What specific principles of curriculum development justify the importance of cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders of the school?

what specipic principles of curiculum develkopment justifies the importance of cooperation and collaboratiuon among stake holders

What are factors affecting curriculum development?

Several factors affect all curriculum development in meeting the needs of 21st century learners in both organized academic settings and corporation learning centers. Blueprinting curriculum development requires selecting learning goals, designing knowledge delivery models while creating assessment methods for individual and group progress. Factors affecting curriculum development include government norms, which in turn brings other factors into the process. Valid curriculum development requires awareness of the diversity of the target community socially, financially and psychologically. 1. Political Politics affect curriculum development in numerous ways. How politics influences curriculum design and development starts with funding. Both private and public educational institutions rely on funding for hiring personnel, building and maintaining facilities and equipment. All aspects of curriculum depend on local, state and national political standards. From defining goals, interpreting curricular materials to approving examination systems, politics affects curriculum development. 2. Economic Economics influences curriculum development. Curriculum developed for in house training in corporations focuses on educating employees for promotions that bring better returns in profits. Nations financing education expect an economic return from educated students contributing to the country's economy with global competition abilities in technical fields. Curriculum content influences learner goals, standards for academic achievement with an underlying influence of the nation's economy. 3. Technological Technology driven curriculum development is the norm of the 21st century. The computer technology of the 21st century influences curriculum development at every level of learning. Learning centers and classrooms increasingly provide computers as requisite interaction for studies among students. Technological multimedia use influences educational goals and learning experiences among students. Undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer technology are in increase in popularity. 4. Diversity Curriculum development affect from diversity opens learning opportunities. Social diversity including religion, culture and social groupings affects curriculum development because these characteristics influence the types of topics and methods for teaching information. Developing relevant curriculum takes into account society's expectations, accommodating group traditions and promoting equality. 5. Learning Theories Psychology of learning theories affects curriculum development. Both child and adult learning theories within the psychology field influence curriculum development. Understanding the psychology behind learning theories implemented in curriculum development maximizes learning with content, delivery, interactive activities and experiences initiated at the most opportune teaching moment. 6. Environment Environment issues affect curriculum development. World awareness and action toward reversing and ending pollution continues affecting curriculum development. Typical elementary classrooms teach recycling and healthy environmental practices. Higher education in the sciences offers environmentally-focused degrees.

Controbutor to the development management theories and philosophy?

what is the development management theories and philosophy

What is the roles of cesac agencies in development of curriculum in Nigeria?

What are the roles of CESAC agencies in the development of curriculum in Nigeria

Discuss Hilda taba's1962 curriculum development model?

Weaknesses of the definition of curriculum development by hilda taba

What are the dimensions of curriculum development?

Dimensions of curriculum development includes planning units for each curriculum. Lessons for each unit are based on goals and objectives.

What are branches of curriculum theories?

Formal,informal,non formal