Programs aimed only at the people who are poor or disabled are known as what?

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social assistant or government
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How can you program a 2nd key or disable the imobilizer on a 2001 focus when you only have one fully programmed key and one programmed for the central locking?

Answer . \nBasically, you cant get there from here. Forget the one programmed central locking keyfob. It has nothing to do with it. Two different systems entirely. The fact that you only have one programmed key is the killer. If you had a second key, then you could program a third yourself. You ( Full Answer )

Are there low income housing loans programs for people on social security disability?

If there are programs available, a good place to check would be with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).. If you live in a rural (not city) area, the USDA has a program for up to 100% financing for buyers. Also, the county or town or state will sometimes have programs availabl ( Full Answer )

How do you add people on AIM?

If you have aim 6.0 go to the bottom of your buddy list where there is a +/- and click it . then press add buddy!

Do people who are mentally disabled know that they are disabled?

They know they are different from other people and they know the names that are put on that differentness. . Many people have very different learning needs. Therefore, people who need extra support need it for very different reasons. Because of this it is senseless to categorise people as 'retarde ( Full Answer )

How can you disable a program in your computer?

Yes, it is possible to disable a program in the computer by goingto the control panel. The control panel will provide a platform touninstall a given type of program.

How do people get poor?

People become poor by already being raised in poverty, drugs, lack of motivation to better themselves, loss of job, laziness, mental health problems, the list goes on.

Why do people use AIM?

mad people use it to talk to there family friends and .. more co-workers and more ppl they know all u need iis a screen name and some people that have aim and instant ly you get in touch with people but ONLY ONLINE PEOPLE FOR YA'LL OLD PARENTS ND PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT STUFF

Was Hitler aiming only to kill Jewish people or were Arabs on his list too?

It's complicated. When people say that Hitler was an Anti-Semite, they are primarilyusing that term to refer to Jew-hatred. While Hitler did considerArabs to be subhuman, he considered them a notch above Jews andother European minorities. Also, since Arabs were not present inEurope at that time, th ( Full Answer )

What are the Aim of the science education program?

The aim of the science education program, is simply to teach peoplethe importance, and theories in the field of science. Knowingthings in a variety of fields in science is important for people tobe knowledgeable.

What do poor people have?

Poor people can have many different material things, but it is not very much compared with someone who isn't in their situation. They may have their health, but even then, being impoverished can take on a toll on it. What many poor people do tend to have is a sense of reality and being grounded, and ( Full Answer )

Why are there poor people?

There is only one reason for poverty. Greed. Acquiring more than we need. It is a very grave sin. Yes, Jesus said the poor will always be with us, he said this because he understood that greed will always be with us.

Are poor people destined to become poor?

No - poverty is not destined. It can be hard to break out of if you are born into it, but it is possible.\n. \nOther people are not born poor but become poor through the actions of others, so again, they are not 'destined' for poverty.\n. \nTo a large degree we are responsible for our own fates - ( Full Answer )

Why are there disabled people?

Well god wanted to make all kinds of people including people who have mental problems like disabeld people do Just because they have problems doesn't mean we should be mean to them...

Who were poor people?

the people who where homeless on the streets and the ones that dont have jobs and the ones whom dont have money.

Is scarcity an issue faced by only poor people and poor nations or does the rich and poor alike face scarcity?

The poor face a scarcity of resources more often than the richbecause they have more limited resources (most importantly, money).But everyone's resources are technically limited. The rich havemore money than the poor, but if they spend it all or lose it all,they also face scarcity. If there is a sca ( Full Answer )

Why does God created disable people and poor?

God created man, but it was man who caused sin to come into the world when Adam and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden. Ever since then, sin has taken shape in the form of sickness, disease, hate, greed etc... This is not to say that people with sickness and disabilities have brought it upon th ( Full Answer )

How do you get people to be your friends on aim?

There are many steps to this complicated and tedious process. However, the problem lies in the fact that you ask this question in the first place. What you should be doing is listening to chumbawumba while taking shots of red bull vodka and skeet skeetin on that arse. For further information please ( Full Answer )

How do you add people on aim express?

Go to the top toolbar. I believe it is in File where there is an option to add a buddy. Click that and you can enter the details and add the person.

What are some famous people aims?

Ok I know you want some so here it goes- David Henrie- itsdavidude431 Selena Gomez- heybabeitselena Demi Lovato- heybabeitsdemi Jonas brothers- j0nas87 This is demi, Selena and Jonas's fan screen names not there regular ones but David's is his real one! Good luck and just to let you know ( Full Answer )

Why did poor people only have first names?

If they were born on the street, they probably wouldn't know their last name because their parents didn't know it. Unless of course their parents do know the last name. ANS2: Poor people would have a limited group with whom they interacted so they would not necessarily need to identify themselves ( Full Answer )

Why poor people leads to disability?

Wealthy people can better afford knowledge, foods, shelter, transportation, clothing, and medical treatment than poor people.

How people help disabled people?

Each disabled person has different and individual needs, so there is not just one answer that supplies all disabled people's needs in one go, but the best way to help a disabled person is to acknowledge that they may have differences to other people with a genuine and open mind and research their ne ( Full Answer )

A religion in which people believe in only one god is known as?

Monotheism. (One god) Examples include Judaism and Islam. Some say Christianity is monotheistic, but I've heard of a "trinity" (three), i.e., father, son, holy "ghost".... so it's unclear. Compare this to "polytheism" (many gods) Ancient examples include the Greek and Roman gods. Contemporary ex ( Full Answer )

Why are people disabled?

cause there bodys dident receive the stuff from the mother or cause they broke a body part and it can not be fixed or healed and sometimes from hippopttas.

Why is people poor?

It could be due to adverse circumstances they were born into; childhood trauma, etc. The key is that it's not what you make, it's how much you keep! It's also about attitude.. Many well off people today were poor at first..

Is credit for the poor only?

Not at all. In fact most "poor" have no credit at all which makes it very difficult to buy things such as a house or a car because they can't get a bank loan because of lack of credit.

Why people are poor and why there are poor people?

Wealth is relative. So long as some have more than others, there will be "poor people". It is caused by a combination of factors. Some people have substance abuse or mental problems which keep them trapped in poverty. There are people who choose to be poor, such as preferring a simpler life or taki ( Full Answer )

What is the aiming device on gun is known as?

The aiming device of a gun is called a sight. Mechanical devices are known as iron sights, even if they are made of brass or other metals. Sights using lenses are called optical sights, or, if they provide magnification, telescopic sights. "telescopic sight" is usually shortened to "scope" in ( Full Answer )

Does copyright aim to protect people?

Copyright is designed to protect the rights of creators, by giving them the exclusive right to copy, alter, distribute, or perform/display their works, or license others to do so.

What is the aim of the Tasmanian devil breeding program?

The purpose of the Tasmanian devil breeding programme is to ensurethat this unique animal does not become extinct. Zoos and animalsanctuaries are breeding Tasmanian Devils in captivity to limit thespread of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). This disease is agreat threat to Tasmanian devils liv ( Full Answer )

Why do people have to be poor?

people sometimes don't have a chance because of family problems but they don't HAVE to be

What are the aims of good sports psychology programs?

The Aim of a Good Sports Psychology Program Are to Instil an Understanding of How Sports Players React Before, During and After Sport Based on Observation and Empirical Research. It Should Also Feature Work on How to Use That Understanding to Boost Performance.

What does the charity 'Helping People' aim to do?

The charity, "Helping People", is a charity that help those who are in need of food and shelter and clothing. They help people all over the world and they try their best to fight world hunger and poverty.

How can someone disable the startup programs in Windows?

Startup programs are programs that are started when you boot up your computer. To select what programs you do or do not want to open at startup you will need to search for and open the 'msconfig.exe' file. Once 'msconfig.exe' is open, click on the Startup tab, you will see a list of programs. Fr ( Full Answer )