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1.Eat plenty of protein food-for bigger muscles and be more masculine.

2.Exercise regularly-for strong muscles.

3.Have enough rest and sleep

-for production of more cells and tissues.

4.Nutrients-to replace your worn out tissues and dead cells.

Foods for the muscular system

1.meat-poultry beef and pork







8.seafoods-(lobsters,crabs,fish,shrimps and squids)

-especially for children

9.plant foods-(soya beans,mongo,peanuts,string beans ang kadios

10.young or growing parts(bamboo shoots,puso ng saging,at ubod ng niyog

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Q: Proper care of the muscular system?
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How to take care of your muscular system?

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How should you care for the Muscular System?

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How do you care for on skeletal system and muscular system?

Eat and sleep

How can you care for your muscular system?

exerise is the best way

How do you take care of your muscular system?

donot sleep

What are two major things to keep your muscular system healthy?

Proper nutrition and proper exercise.

How does proper nutrition help the Muscular system?

because it feels like it

What is the proper care of reproductive system?

always have a proper hygeine to the reproductive system

How do you care your muscular and skeletal system?

you exersise daily and sleep a lot

What are some ways to take care of the muscular system?

resistance trainin

What are ways to care for the muscular system?

exersice, eat healthy, and vitamins

What happens when you dont take care of your muscular system?

It will atrophy....or shrink

How do we take care of your skeletal system and muscular system?

Get lots of exercise and mantain a healthy diet.

How do you care for your muscular system?

By regularly doing exercise that strengthens all of your muscles.

How do you take good care your muscular system?

by restinng by exercising daily rest

What system works with bones to allow body movement?

muscular systemMuscular system.MuscularMuscular

What is the proper care of nervous system?

The proper care for our nervous system is to excercise regurlarly,and take a jogging,when you have a free time. :) By:Dhey Aizle Miguel Alvarez :)

How can you take care of your muscular system?

Drink lot's of water, exercise daily and be active!

Do Rabies affect the muscular system?

Rabies affect your muscular system. There is paralysis of the muscular system.

Are tendons skeletal system or muscular system?

Muscular system

What is reffered as the muscular system?

The Muscular System is a broad range term and includes three systems. The Skeletal Muscular System, the Visceral Muscular System and the Cardiac Muscle System.

Which body system is part of the muscular system?

if you ask this then wow... well seeing that the muscular system is its own system itself. then the body system that is part of the muscular system, i guess would be the muscular system.

Are ligaments a part of the muscular system or the skeletal system?

muscular system

Which organ system contains the muscular system?

The Muscular-Skeletal System.

What is a muscular system?

A muscular system is your hole body with bones that move if you diren't have a muscular system you will be like a taco not moving. The muscular system is the largest system out of the respiratory,digestive,circulatory,skeletal.and nervous system.