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The proper procedure for checking the oil level is to look in the oil sight glass with the bike sitting level. If you see all oil and no air bubble at the top then you have sufficient oil.

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Service and repair procedure of advance power steering?

Checking power steering fluid level Checking belts and hoses Checking the system for leaks Pressure testing the system Bleeding the system

A variable known only to the procedure in which it is declared is called what?

a procedure-level variable

What is the procedure to check the automatic transaxle oil level in Pontiac sunfire 97 that model as no dip stick?

Checking the fluid level is done from underneath the vehicle. There is a plug located in the side of the transaxle housing unscrew the setscrew and put your ginger in, if you can feel the fluid right at the level or a little comes out then it is at the right level, much below this then add some fluid.

Can you measure resistance while checking for continuity?

A: Checking continuity is the same as checking resistance, therefore yes someone can determine the resistance at that particular current level

How do you check the oil level in a 1979 suzuki pe 250?

let me know if you find out . short of dumping the oil and refilling with the proper amount . is the only way i know . there is no dip stick on mine . only a plug .

How low does the oil level have to be before oil light activates on a Suzuki 70 horsepower outboard motor?

how low does oil level have to be before oil light activates on a Suzuki 70 horsepower outboard motor

What is the Crank case fluid level on 1989 suzuki lt4wd?

3.8 Quarts.

What is proper way to check oil level on suzuki Ls 650 it has oil fill cap but no dip stick?

While someone else holds the bike up straight, you look through the sight glass on the lower right side of the engine. You should be able to see the oil level there.

Where is the nearest river level checking station located?

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What is proper procedure for measuring thin liquids in a cup?

Use a graduated measuring cup, with a pour spout, larger than the amount of liquid you are measuring. Place it on a flat level countertop and slowly pour the liquid into the cup until it rises to the level mark you need for measurement.

How do you check rear hub fluid?

Different vehicles have different rear hub fluid checking/filling system. Normally you have a bolt, you undo the bolt for checking the fluid level, if necessary replenish the level. Newaz.

What radiation is used when checking cereal packets are filled to correct level?


Which signal is indicates to the motherboard that all the supplies are proper level?

PG Signal (Gray)- Indicates to the motherboard that all the supplies given are at proper level.

Should the car be running when checking the transmission fluid?

yes and level ground in park.(drive car for 5 to 10 miles before checking)

How do you check air conditioning refrigerant level on a Mercury Tracer?

I'd recommend having it professionally done if you don't know what you're doing. If you feel confident, then you can purchase a refill (i'm assuming it's R134a!) canister that has a gauge on it. I do believe the can will provide the proper procedure to test the refrigerant level.

Do you have to replace your car once it starts burning oil as long as you put oil into it when it needs it?

Keep oil at the proper level and it may run forever Keep oil at the proper level and it may run forever Keep oil at the proper level and it may run forever

What is the checking level cold procedure for the Allison LCT 1000?

According to the service manual, it says to check the fluid with the engine idling in Park. There is a cold engine range of marks and a hot engine range of marks on the dipstick. The upper set of marks are for the hot engine level range and the lower for cold check. The fluid expands when it is heated.

How do you check the coolant level in a suzuki gsxr 600 srad?

Hold the bike level and check the coolant bottle behind the lower left fairing.

What is the first level in an energy pyramid?

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Should the car be running when checking power steering fluid level?

Yes it should.

Where do you use pH indicators in real life?

checking the pH level in a chlorinated pool

What is the proper oil level for a 1999 hd fatboy?

The proper oil level for a 1999 HD fatboy is checked with the bike warm and setting upright. Pull the dipstick and wipe it off. Put it back in and pull it again. The proper oil level is when the oil is between the two marks on the stick.

What are the benefits to a student checking account?

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What is the squeaking noise your steering wheel makes when you turn it to the left?

try checking fluid level