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Psychodynamic explanation to multiple personality disorder?

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2011-05-19 14:24:46

This condition is now called DID (Dissociative Identity

Disorder). Too many people were thinking of it as one of the Axis

Two personality disorders. DID is an Axis One condition.

DID is caused by violent and prolonged trauma in early

childhood, usually including rape, incestuous or otherwise. People

who are able to dissociate create alternate selves to take the

abuse and trauma. Over time, these selves develop personality

patterns (and sometimes personality disorders!) of their own.

It is possible to integrate these parts together with therapy,

but it requires an excellent therapist who is able to deal with

hearing descriptions of horrible abuse. Many are not able to do

this. The abuse experienced by DID survivors is far outside the

usual, and some people aren't strong enough to let themselves admit

such abuse of children can even happen in America. But it can; the

evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.

The insensitivity shown to these people is often appalling --

and widespread -- at mental health clinics all over the


Many people with DID pick up ten or a dozen incorrect diagnoses

-- including of ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) -- before

finally being correctly diagnosed, and it's true that repeatedly

being bitterly accused of inventing the abuse is another form of

abuse on top of and compounding the original.

More people need to be educated about the devastation caused by

pedophiles and other child abusers so as to prevent this affliction

and others like it.

All people with DID also have PTSD (post traumatic stress


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