Punched a wall bruised minimal swelling hurts A LOT?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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simple put an ice pack on it until it feels better

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Q: Punched a wall bruised minimal swelling hurts A LOT?
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My hand is swelling there is no bruising and I can move it but I cant apply pressure because it hurts what is it?

Probably a bruised bone

Get punched what hurts more head or ribs?

I'd say getting punched in the head hurts more than getting punched in the ribs

What part of the arm hurts the most when punched?

The back arm hurts the most for some reason.

You got hit in your kidney area and it hurts what does that mean?

If you got hit in your kidney area and it hurts you may have bruised it. If it really hurts you may have internal bleeding.

You punched a wall and three months later your knuckle still hurts what does that mean?

It means you've probably bruised or maybe even broken something. You might want to consider seeing a doctor or going to your local hospital for an x-ray! Hope you feel better soon!

My throat feels bruised and like when i burp it hurts at the bottom what's wrong with my throat?

You dying

What does it feel like to be punched on the cheekbone just under the eye?

it hurts on the cheekbone under the eye.

Your right side of your face is swollen and your eye hurts?

your having a stroke, or you've been punched

I fell on my foot and now it really hurts to the point that I can't help but limp but it's not swollen or bruised?


Why does a spanking hurt?

I think that you need to elaborate on this question, becausethe answer is obvious, it is like asking why getting punched inthe mouth hurts, or why getting hit by a car hurts?

Can Scoliosis cause upper left back and swelling?

It can I have mild scoliosis and I have noticed when my back hurts is when some of the swelling starts.

You got punched in the jaw and now hurts when you open it and im having trouble eating what should you do?

go to the doctor