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When cooking meatballs I often soften the bread so it mixes in well.

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What is a sentence using the word soften?

This soap will really soften your hands

A 7 word sentence for soften?

To soften the pillow we wash it lots of times.

Can you give a sentence using soften?

The recipe called for me to soften the butter in the microwave.

How would you make a sentence using the word soften?

Thawing a frozen turkey will soften it.

How do you use soften in a sentence?

I use Cocoa butter to soften my skin and give it a natural glow.

What rhymes with often and soften?


Does soften rhyme with often?

Yes, it does.

What rhymes with loften?

Often, soften

How do you use soften in sentence?

The heat caused the butter to soften. He softened his words when he saw how much they were hurting her.

What will happen if you put wax in a hot bowl of water?

Most waxes will soften if you put it into a bowl of hot water. If you put butter into the same bowl, it will also soften.

How do you use the word soften in a sentence?

A moisturiser will soften your skin and make it glow.I added water to soften the mixture.If you give her flowers, she may soften her heart towards you.Soften means to make or become less hard/to make or become less severe. .

Is the t silent in the word often?

Yes. Oft is to Often as Soft is to Soften

Can you microwave homemade fondant to soften?

Often you can, yes.

What is a sentence that uses the word soften?

"As he held her in his arms, despite the years of neglect and hate that had developed between them, he felt her heart soften."

How do you soften candy?

well you should put it in the micerwave....

How do you soften dry skin?

Put moisty cream on it.

How do you soften clay fast?

You have to put water in it then roll it.

What does baking soda do if you put it on a chicken bone?

It will soften it.

What is a sentence using baffle?

This baffle will soften the lighting in this part of the room.

How do you put the word affordin a sentence?

I often have trouble affording my rent

How do you put circumstantial in a sentence?

Circumstantial evidence is often very convincing

What rhymes with often?

AnswerCoffin, coughing, lofting, soften, dolphin

How do you soften licorice?

You can often soften hard treats like licrorice by warming it in a microwave for 15 secs this works for red and black

Can sugar cookies spoil?

yes but to soften them up put them in a plastic container with a slice of bread it will soften them up so there not hard

How do you soften dried pulse beans?

put sponge inside them

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