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Which Russian mystic is said to have influenced Tsar Nicholas II?


How many children did Gregory Rasputin have?

Rasputin was said to be father to four children, but is told that only two lived, through the cold Russian winters.

What is hace viento in English?

It means: 'It's windy. ' That is what my Spanish teacher said.

How did Rasputin gain such a strong influence over the czarina?

Tsaritsa's son suffered from hemophilia and Rasputin claimed that he can cure him. She was very worried about her son and she did everything what Rasputin said, because she truly believed that only he can cure the tsetsarevich. Every time the Tsarina's suffered from a problem and no one else seemed to be able to aid him she would go to Rasputin. It is rumored that every time she called on Rasputin, the boy would miraculously recover.

What is an Implied powers?

Powers that are not said directly, but implied.

What was the tsar's relationship with Rasputin?

The Tsar; Nicholas II tolerated Rasputin for the sake of the Empress Alexandra and her resolute belief that Rasputin would cure the Tsarevitch Alexis of his hemophilia. The Tsar was said in private to despise Rasputin and wished to ban him from Tsarskoe Selo. In love with his wife and afraid of what it would do to the Empress's ever burgeoning emotional frailty Rasputin remained His relationship and his proximity to the Imperial family especially the Empress and the four Grand Duchess' was the talk of St. Petersburg. Stories of inappropriate conduct to the downright lewd had an increasingly negative impact on the state of the empire. Grigory Effimovich Rasputin is widely recognized as a key player in the ruin of the dynasty.

What bad things did Rasputin do?

Rasputin was accused of having affairs with the Romanov women but there was no proof of this. He did have a strong influence on the Czarina which made many people upset. There were some that said he waved his reproductive organ around at a restaurant in Yar, but this was a fabrication by his enemies.

Who was Rasputin and what did he have to do with the Russian royal family?

Rasputin was a staret (or a holy man) with healing and prophetic powers. When tsar Nicholas II was in power he needed a male successor, so after four girls, Alexandra (Nicholas's wife) gave birth to Alexei. Alexei had inherited the disease hemophilia from his grandmother Queen Victoria. This blood disease was untreatable and usually led to and untimely death. But Rasputin was able to help Alexei and was able to keep some of the pain away Actually, Rasputin was a 'strannik' (wandering spiritual pilgrim) and not a starets (a monk). He was widely known for his healing powers which are widely documented, as well as for his preaching abilities. He was said to give very inspirational sermons. He did help stem the tzarevitch Alexei's bleeding and pain, for which the Tsarina was grateful, and the Imperials also found it very comforting to talk to him as a sort of confessor. Much of the artistocracy was appalled at a peasant getting so close to the royal family and did everything they could to discredit him by spreading rumors of drunken behavior and womanizing. When that didn't work, they killed him, despite the fact that Rasputin never harmed a soul.

Who was Rasputin?

He was a monk that was brought to assist Tsar Nicholas II's son, Alexei. The son of the Tsar had hemophilia, and Rasputin was said to have mystical powers that could cure the young boy's disease. Before and after being appointed to his position, Rasputin was rumoured to having an elaborate sex life. He was reported to having held orgies, and pictures were often taken of him surrounded by many women. These actions however did not conflict with his religious beliefs, for his religion believed in fulfilling the desires of men. After being positioned to help Alexei, Rasputin gained political power as well. As the Tsar was away for assignments of WW1, the Tsarina was put in charge. She was greatly influenced by Rasputin due to his dedication to cure her son. Although the Tsarina was always announcing the political changes, Rasputin played a major part in the decision making process. This power that Rasputin was holding was well recognized by the Russian people, and in turn it became a cause of the 1917 February/ March Revolution. Many accusations were made against him from rape to being a German spy during WWI. In the end he was stabbed, poisoned, shot, beaten and drowned by assassins who found he was difficult to kill when he survived attack after attack. .

Who said that the powers of government came from the people?

my mom

What powers do Only the Federal and National Government have under the Constitution?

My awesome government teacher said the Delegated Powers

What powers did Odysseus have?

Odysseus was not said to have any superhuman powers, he was merely depicted as being smart, strong, and courageous.

Who said oh how the turning tables have turned?

Austin Powers!

Who said Government powers should be divided into three branches?


Why are unicorn horns said to have magic powers?

Because they are fictional are rare

How did Greek God Apollo get his powers?

They just said mwhahahahahahahah lol

What is the law making powers specifically granted to congress called?

Expressed Powers, i mean i think thats what my teacher said lol

Was Rasputin good or bad?

That really depends on your interpretation of Good and Bad. Evidence for Bad: Rasputin was a womanizer and a sexual fiend. The man had a massive sexual appetite and often had mass orgies which he (said) believed was removing the sins of those he had sex with. He was also an alcoholic. Evidence for Good: Rasputin's mystical abilities are extremely strange and do defy scientiffic reason. Rasputin was a horse whisperer and was able to calm startled horses simply with the sound of his voice. He was also a very devout man, and gave many religious hope, namely the Czarina. Rasputin was able to apparently heal Czarovitch Alexei of Hemophelia, which to this day is still puzzling. Also, contrary to popular belief, there is no proof of Rasputin having an affair with the Czarina or poisoning Alexei to fake his healings. Finally, as the Revolution grew closer, Rasputin wrote a letter to Czar Nicholas, who was at the front of the first World War. Rasputin basically told the Czar that that he considered him a friend, and that if Nicholas did not return from the war soon, and tend to state matters, not only would Rasputin die, the Czar and his family would also die. This amazingly came true.

How do you become a witchdoctor?

It depends, but commonly it was by using said powers as a healing force.

First used poison gas was the allies or cnetral powers?

I said so

How did Poseidon and Apollo offend Zeus?

They said they were better gods with better powers!(:

What are the powers of a unicron?

A unicorn is a mythical creature that exists mostly in fairytales and folklore. It is said that the powers of the unicorn help to bring a person faith and healing.

Why does ichigo lose his powers fight with aizen?

Ichigo loses his powers due to the effect of the Final Getsuga tenshou Zangetsu said it himself if Ichigo were to use that move he would lose all of his powers.

How does rasputin look like?

He had a thin face and large eyes which were said to be blue. And he also had slightly long dark hair and a long beard. You can find pictures of him on the Internet and in some history books.

What is it called when your brain swells up when you climb Mount Everest?

High altitude Cerebral Edema affects the brain of the person. HACE is said to occur after the trekker ascends the altitude very fast. For a victim of HACE, decent should be started immediately irrespective of the time of the day and the victim should be brought down to the level where he feels well and more awake.

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