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Found out the problem was the "ABS Brake Motor/Pump/Modulator". I bought the part on and had a mechanic install it.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-02 17:18:20
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Q: Rear Breaks do not bleed on Oldsmobile intrigue 1998. Replaced break calipers and rotors. Tried the two man method with pumping the breaks with no success. Do I need the Tech 1 scan tool?
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This will depend on the car.This is about a basic brake system, No ABS:Master cylinder needs to be full, disconnect the master cylinder out let lines and make sure it is pumping fluid.The proportioning valve can be the problem so disconnect the out let lines and check there for fluid pumping through.The calipers and bleeder valves can be the problem. Remove the bleeder valves completely and see if the bleeders are plugged.The hardest to check are the flexible lines, you need to disconnect the wheel end first. If you have no fluid pumping through then the lines from the master need to be disconnected and checked.

How do you fix the breaks when you have already changed all 4 brake pads in a 1998 Chevy s10 blazer and they are not tight like they are suppose to be?

If you simply pulled wheels and calipers then replaced the pads, there could be a problem with the ABS pump try pumping the brakes with motor off 30 or 40 times, start motor and pump brakes again. Try it it may help.

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If the pedal falls to the floor while pumping, you have a very dangerous condition. The master cylinder is bad and needs replaced... If the pedal is just hard and doesn't seem to brake until you jam on it a few times, then you have maybe ice in the drums or bad calipers/wheel cyl. with dirt and wear on the pistons

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