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Communist containment; cold war.

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The americans didnt like the Lai Massacre which involved unarmed civillians in Vietnam getting killed by American soldiers The number of american soldiers getting killed was growing which made them doubt their leadership Some americans didnt agree with the reasons the leadership used to justify the war with

To prevent South Vietnam from being conquered by Communist North Vietnam.

Australia, New Zealand and the US were bound together through the ANZUS Pact which provided for mutual support in the Pacific and Asia.

he did not want the Vietnam war to start in the first place, but a bunch of rednecks ameriicans disagreed with him, and he ended up getting assassinated by a Jew .

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It was the only role. Otherwise the US would have stayed out of it.

Well North Vietnam was at war against South Vietnam so I don't know what you are getting at...

Businesses influence the political environment abroad By getting the government involved. Government is involved in international business for many reasons, including tariffs and controlling unemployment.

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Enemy (North Vietnam) won the war. Edit: We didn't gain anything. We lost alot of lives. Nixon brought our troops home and let North Vietnam and South Vietnam work it out without our interference. Eventually, North Vietnam took over the South Vietnam government. Then there was no North and South Vietnam. It was just Vietnam. They had changed into an entirely communist government which is why America interfered in the first place. We were trying to prevent or stop communism from spreading. Communism: A type of government in which the government controls all the economic activities.

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Their sons were getting drafted!

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The French lost control of Vietnam to the Vietcong after getting heavily bombed :)

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getting the United States out of Vietnam

it is a prolem in getting along with the peaple

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DuringVietnam Australia was aligning itself with the United states, This was a period after ww2 when Paranoia ran strong and the fear of Communism had stirred Australians up to a frenzy. Australia Did wish to put the USA in a position where it would fall under its defence umbrella and this is why Australia was instrumental in encouraging The USA in getting involved in Vietnam

Vietnam is so messy and not good. Always trying to steal stuff and getting money please believe me. Vietnam is small not bigger than chinas population. They eat bad things